Grigna Meridionale (Grignetta) from Pian dei Resinelli

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Region: Welt » Italien » Lombardei
Tour Datum:25 April 2013
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T3 - anspruchsvolles Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: I 
Zeitbedarf: 4:00
Aufstieg: 750 m
Abstieg: 750 m
Strecke:Cresta Cermenati
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:Pian dei Resinelli (Lecco, Lombardia, Italia) can be reached via car or autobus from Lecco.
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:Round trip.

The Grigna Meridionale, known as Grignetta (in comparison to the Grigna Settentrionale, higher by some 300 mt), is a classical short tour for Lombardy hikers.
The starting point is Pian dei Resinelli (approx. 1400 mt a.s.l.) can be reached via car from Milano in a matter of one hour (avoid rush hours, as the state road 36 between Milano and Lecco is always jammed for it heads to the Lago di Como).
Car can be parked in three different points:
  1. Main parking right at the center of the village
  2. Near Rifugio Carlo Porta (follow road signs)
  3. At the end of Via Caimi (cross the main parking, then take the first right. It's a dead end road: follow it until the end, where a small gravel parking is)
Depending on where you leave your car, the first part of this ascension is slightly different. I'm going to describe option 3.
Leave the parking lot following sing towards "Alta Via delle Grigne". The path will start climbing towards the rock face. Some 50 mt before reaching an obvious canyon (Canalone Caimi, which can be climbed in summer time) take the path right and follow it up till the very rocky face, where again you find a mark for "Alta Via delle Grigne". Follow this direction (facing the rocky wall, right. The other direction - marked Direttissima & Rifugio Rosalba - will lead you to the via ferrata, quite an easy and amusing one, but this is not the point here!).
From here on it's only a matter of following the "obvious" track (meaning that there are no clear marks, but the path is so used that it's impossible to miss it). The going will be quite rough and steep, up until the very summit.
Note that quite soon you'll hit some metal chain bolted to the rocky face, to ease up a "tricky" section. Don't get impressed as this has been mostly added to help the growing number of amateurs taking this very popular hike. right below the summit another 10 mt of chain will help you pass a slippery slope; again: nothing really troublesome.
After climbing some 300 vertical meters (the horizontal distance would be around 700 mt) you'll pot a wooden sign pointing towards the Canalone Porta, do not follow it and keep trodding upwards along the Cresta Cermenati.
The only other sign you'll spot will be almost at the end of the hike, right below the summit coloir, marking direction to Cresta Senigaglia and Rifugio Rosalba (during summer time this can be an option for the descent, but you'll need to pass the Via Ferrata to get down back to Pian dei Resinelli).
Pass this sign and head on upwards, tracking your way up the coloir to the very summit.
Round trip should take you 4 - 5 hours, depending on your speed of descent on steep uneven ground.
It's recommended to take this tour between late April and half October, to avoid snow.

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Laura. hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 27. April 2013 um 12:57
Ohhh...this is "my mountain"...

Laura. hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 27. April 2013 um 12:58

CyberPax hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 27. April 2013 um 16:42
Grazie :)
Ci sono stato un sacco di volte anche io... e finalmente mi sono deciso a scrivere qualcosa in merito!

Laura. hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 27. April 2013 um 16:47
allora il blu di Grigna lo conosci bene anche tu.

CyberPax hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 27. April 2013 um 16:48
Ma certo :)

Ciao ciao.

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