Hundsrügg, Birehubel, Schneitgrat

Published by Cirrus , 27 February 2008, 00h04.

Region: World » Switzerland » Bern » Simmental
Date of the hike:23 February 2008
Snowshoe grading: WT3 - Demanding snowshoe hike
Geo-Tags: CH-BE 
Time: 5:00
Height gain: 950 m 3116 ft.
Height loss: 725 m 2378 ft.
Access to start point:öV Sparemoos
Access to end point:Grubenberghütte; Zu Fuss

hiking classification: 3 stars (nice)

Nice tour with very sunny but too warm weather. The ascent from Sparemoos first folows ski pisten until Schiltenegg. There we put our snow shoes and followed the not steep ridge up to Hundsrügg. The descent from the second summit (Birehubel) was up to 37 degrees steep and was partly snow free, due to the south orientation. The snow shoes, however, are very suited to descent these steep, still wet  gras flanks. From Bire we went along the ridge (somewhat exposed) to the Schneitgrat, which we descended on the Northern side (max. 37 degrees) through woods. Finally, there was a last ascent to the Grubenberghütte. In the evening there was a wonderful sun set and a nice atmosphere.

Route: Sparemoos- Schiltenegg- Hundsrügg- Luegle- Birehubel- Bire- Schneitgrat- Mittelberg- Grubenberghütte

Wetter: Sonnig und frühlingshaft warm


Hike partners: Cirrus


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