Lough Anascaul Circuit

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Region: Welt » Irland » County Kerry » Dingle
Tour Datum:23 September 2012
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T3 - anspruchsvolles Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: IRL 
Zeitbedarf: 5:00
Strecke:Steep, Rough.

This is a lovely if strenuous hike / scramble around the beautiful lake. There is car parking for 6 cars at lakes edge. From here one follows the track NW for a few min until you pass a gate to your left. Leave track, pass through gate and ascend/scramble the steep grass gully directly above. After 30 to 45 min assent you reach grass ridge leading to summit 593m. You now walk ridge line till you pass summit 563m approx 170m after summit descend N down steep grass slope (caution). Pass loch Thuairín Mhárta on its W shore in a NE direction. Take a bearing W of point 332m and descend along W side of waterfall crossing at base before entering track. Cross bridge and walk to firts turn on track, leave track here and contour E accross slope heading towards obvious waterfall. Assend with care along W side of waterfall at top look for safe crossing point (caution). NB;Seek and find a natural stone bridge, the further you travel along waterfall the easier to cross. Walk now in an E direction assending An Ré Mhor towards the obvious stone cairns. These stone piles are national monuments / burial sites of old chieftains, so treat with care do not disturb. From the cairns return towards waterfall following gps file attached to report. The desent shown is very steep, exposed at times and can be slippery under foot so extreme caution may be needed. (If one does not like to desend here one can navigate to track shown on map 1.5km further W. Contour above the 350m line to a point half way between summits 396m & 383m where you join track. Follow track SE till you return to start point.)

Tourengänger: hpshane

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