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Region: Welt » Albanien
Tour Datum:22 Juli 2011
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T2 - Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: AL 
Zeitbedarf: 1:30
Aufstieg: 440 m
Abstieg: 440 m
Strecke:You may also walk directly from the resot to the trailhead, taking a shsortcut without following the 4WD route
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:A 4WD track from the Razem resort, as per GPS attachment. The last part of the track is very little used, and may be difficult
Unterkunftmöglichkeiten:At Razem, Hotels of all categories

Razem is a nice place, cool in summer when the plains and beaches are hot. There are several hotels of all types, including the splashy Natyral Resort, with its good service, indoor swimmingpool and sauna. But then there is not much to do. Except there is Velecikut! And while many guests come with their 4WDs which never left the asphalt. why not staying half a day or a day longer banging up your car on a modest 4WD track, and hiking to a cave and to the top of Velecikut Mountain, which looks oohh so steep into your face, when sitting on the terrace of the Resort?  

There are probably many ways to hike to the summit of Velecikut. Enver Hoxha did it, and so can you!

This hike takes off from the end of the 4WD track that is also attached as a GPS file. The trail visits a group of caves, that are said to have been used by early mankind (and now by sheep, sometimes). If you plan to get close to the caves, which I recommend because they are interesting, wear long trousers because of the Stinging Nessels. From there, ascend to the summit of Velecikut, over the steep but not too exposed grassy ridge, following the way of the least resistance. Don't be fooled, what you see is a false summit, and once you reach it, you have another 10 minutes or so to go.

Be careful with the dolines (holes) on the top, as some are very precipitous and deep (perhaps you may end up in one of the caves faster than you think). The views are fantastic, including to "Titograd" (Podgorica) which looks so close. The Resort can arrange a guide, if so desired.

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