Muott'Ota: Im Septemberschnee

Published by Cirrus , 3 October 2007, 23h17.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Oberengadin
Date of the hike:29 September 2007
Snowshoe grading: WT1 - Easy snowshoe hike
Geo-Tags: CH-GR   Bernina-Gruppe   Margna-Tremoggia-Gruppe 
Time: 5:30
Height gain: 750 m 2460 ft.
Height loss: 750 m 2460 ft.
Access to start point:Hotel Fex (Zu Fuss, oder Pferdentaxi)
Access to end point:Hotel Fex (Zu Fuss, oder Pferdentaxi)
Accommodation:Hotel Fex

Hike classification: 3 stars (nice)

Although we made this hike without snow shoes I classify it as a snow-shoe hike as we were walking all the time through the snow, and a classification according the WT-criteria makes more sense than classifying according T-criteria.

Starting from Hotel Fex in the Fex Valley (Upper Engadine) we first went up to pt. 2085 above Muotta da Güve. The path was mostly covered with snow, and the surroundings were covered with a thick snow layer. Nevertheless, this ascent was without any problem. From pt. 2085 onwards we decided to follow the ridge towards pt. 2329 (nameless small peak) and further to Muott'Ota. From 2300 m onwards there was no track anymore and we followed more or less the ridge (somewhat less snow than on the flanks, less steep) towards the peak. The ambience was very nice, with clouds (fog) and some short periods with sunshine. During some minutes a bird of prey was circling above us, it is not yet not clear what kind of bird of prey it was and the fotos are not very clear. The descent was fast and in order to stay somewhat longer in nature we walked to the upper part of the Fex valley (and back).

Route: Fex Curtins- pt. 1991- pt. 1968, 2085, 2329- Muott'Ota- pt. 2307- Fex Curtins- Alp da Segl- Alp Muot Selvas- Fex Curtins

Wetter: Meist bewölkt, kurze leichte Schneeschauer, auch Aufhellungen. Im Tal etwa 10cm Schnee, oben etwa 30cm Schnee.

Tiere: 1 Adler (?) und 2 Rehen

Mit Erik und Jan-Willem

Hike partners: Cirrus


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