All the way around Hikr-Chamm

Publiziert von 360 Pro , 23. Mai 2007 um 20:43.

Region: Welt » Schweiz » St.Gallen
Tour Datum:23 Mai 2007
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T5 - anspruchsvolles Alpinwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-SG   Churfirsten   Speer-Mattstock 
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:cff logo Arvenbüel
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:cff logo Arvenbüel

Since the Glattchamm (aka Hikrchamm) is the only peak in the greater Churfirsten region which is missing on my list, I planned to conquer the Alpin_Rise mountain today. Last night I checked the SAC book "Clubführer Säntis-Churfirsten" and found an alternate route than described by Alpin_Rise, Delta and ossi:

511 Über den Nordgrat (BG): Wenig angenehme Kletterei über brüchigen Fels, der vielerorts von Gras oder Moos durchsetzt ist."

The description isn’t very promising. And guess what the real thing isn't either...

After climbing the first few meters one "brüchig moosiger Griff" which first looked and felt all right, broke out and I fell a few meters down. Nothing serious happened but a few bruises and a sprained wrist... I decided to not go any further and I wouldn't really recommend it to anybody else either.

As alternative I decided to go to one of my favorite places in the area, the Steinmannli at the ridge South of the Vorder Leistchamm. I chose a route on one of the grass bands on the Eat side of the Glattchamm (similar to 507 in the SAC book, but climbing to the ridge sooner) T4-T5.

I also checked out the route to the summit of the Glattchamm through the West flank. However, I decided that I already used my guardian angel for today and didn't want to risk another T6, the moss was also very wet and slippery and therefore I decided to come back for the "Hikrchamm" another day.

Exact route: Arvenbüel - Looch - P. 1663 - Tritt - Glattchamm-North ridge - Vorder Leistchamm - Glattchamm West flank - Schafberg - P. 1911 - Flügenspitz - Looch – Arvenbüel

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ossi hat gesagt: lucky man
Gesendet am 24. Mai 2007 um 08:23
uff....the north ridge of hikrchamm is a "kamikaze enterprise". Try the other one, there are just 10m which are dangerous.

360 Pro hat gesagt: RE:lucky man
Gesendet am 24. Mai 2007 um 08:49
ossi, believe me I will not try the North ridge again, and as I said I don't recommend it to anybody. The next time I'll take the safer route where everybody else seems to go up (here).

I'm surprised the "SAC Führer" rates the North ridge as BG.

Alpin_Rise hat gesagt: RE:lucky man
Gesendet am 25. Mai 2007 um 22:30
Yeah, you had a kind of blessing angel! I tried the same. But I had the luck to turn around and climb down before the whole ridge broke down with me...

The route you photo shows, is the right one. You may choose the left rim or further to the right (my choice)

good luck if you try it again!

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