Zion Canyon

Publiziert von donandjanet , 10. Mai 2007 um 14:52.

Region: Welt » United States » Utah
Tour Datum:10 Januar 2005

This place was absolutely awesome!  You enter in the bottom of the canyon, so you are greeted with the beautiful straight up rock walls, raging rivers, and more!  We did several small hikes.  Our favorite would be the hike to behind the small falls.  We also saw several deer on this hike.  The outstanding crystal clear water rivers were amazing.  We were there in winter time, and would like to see the difference by going back in the summer.  We noticed that without the leaves on the trees, you were able to catch much better glimpses of the canyon walls.  A wonderful day trip if you're in the area - or make it a week long - there's plenty to see and do at Zion Canyon National Park, Utah.

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