Mt.Cheong-gae (청계산-국사봉,이수봉)

Publiziert von madican , 25. Oktober 2010 um 09:26.

Region: Welt » Suedkorea
Tour Datum:23 Oktober 2010
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T2 - Bergwandern
Zeitbedarf: 4:00
Aufstieg: 545 m

Hawhyeon church → guksa-bong → yisu-bong → cheonggye-sa(Buddhist temple)
Starting at 4 pm, Hawhyeon Chapel, in the 5:30 guksabong arrived.
Yisu-bong time I started to eat rice wine turned to the dark.
Arrived at 6:30 yisubong, paused, came down to the cheonggyesa
A dark night, far from yisubong cheonggyesa night hike was beautiful watching Gwacheon.

하우현성당 → 국사봉 → 이수봉 → 청계사
오후 4시에 하우현 성당을 출발하여 5시 30분경에 국사봉에 도착
정상주로 서울 막걸리를 먹어주고 어두워 지기 시작할 무렵 이수봉으로 향했다.
6시 30분경 이수봉에 도착, 잠시 쉬었다가 청계사로 하산.
이수봉에서 청계사까지는 깜깜한 밤에 아름다운 과천을 내려다 보며 야간산행. 

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Seeger Pro hat gesagt: Mt.Cheong-gae
Gesendet am 25. Oktober 2010 um 11:16
Ciao Madican
Your tours must be very interesting.
At Your first report, You have presented in English.
I understand, that this must be the answer for being angry about the HIKR's writing in German or Italian language ;-)) I see.
But the Korean language is more difficult to translate.
Amazing to see other absolutely unknown countries. Thanks a lot.
Cari saluti

Linard03 Pro hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 26. Oktober 2010 um 17:29
interesting tours and pictures! I would love to hike here in South Korea; unfortunately I am here only for business purposes and there is no time for hiking - even not in the surroundings of Seoul ... :-(

Regards from Gwangyang / South Korea,

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