3-day Greina-Trek (day 1/3)

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Graubünden » Surselva
Tour Datum: 1 September 2010
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T4+ - Alpinwandern
Hochtouren Schwierigkeit: WS+
Geo-Tags: Gruppo Piz Medel   CH-GR 
Zeitbedarf: 8:00
Aufstieg: 1800 m
Abstieg: 500 m
Strecke:Curaglia,Pt. 1332 - Pardatsch, Pt. 1621 - Fuorcla da Vallesa, Pt. 2629 - Fuorcla da Stavelatsch, Pt. 2593 - Camona da Medel SAC, Pt. 2524
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:mit PW bis Curaglia (auch ÖV möglich); Langzeitparkplatz hinter der Kirche
Unterkunftmöglichkeiten:SAC Camona da Medel (day 1 to day 2)
Kartennummer:Greina 1:25'000; Blatt 1233

3-day Greina-Trek (day 1/3)
Three years ago, I planned this tour - and this year we could finally arrange it.. The weather forecast looked fantastic for the following 3 days. Lets start the big mountain trip: Greina-Ebene in 3 days. As usual each year, our friends from Padstow (Cornwall-UK) accompanied us for the annual "big mountain trip in the swiss alps".
On the first day we hiked from Curaglia to the SAC Medel-hut. But not the easy official footpath through the valley Val Plattas (duration about 3.5 - 4 hours) but rather the track from Curaglia to Pardatsch - Fuorcla da Vallesa, 2629m - Fuorcla Stavelatsch, 2593m - Alp Lavaz - Fuorcla da Lavaz, 2524m - and on to stay the night in the SAC Medel-hut. For this very hard hike we needed about 7-8 hours! The snow over the boulders between the two passes F. da Vallesa and F. Stavelatsch made us slower than expected as we sank in the snow between the rocks.
After parking (free park space) below the church we started to hike in the valley Val Plattes. The morning sun shone directly in our faces. A wonderful start for our tour. After the small hamlet Pardatsch, 1621m, we hiked to the Alp Cazirauns. The path was quite steep. But we were rewarded with a clear and distant view into the valley Val Plattas with the mountain Medel on the horizon and in the other direction the Surselva with the village Selung on the Oberalpstock.
During the lunchbreak we studied the next section to the first pass F. da Valles. The path-sign changed from white-red-white to white-blue-white and we hiked up to the pass. Soon we arrived at the first target. A mountainous view made us speechless - as the Fuorcla Staqvalasch, our second objective for the day, seemed tobe a great distance away. Wow! No path -  only boulders, steep hill down - and on the another side the steep hill up. So we jumped from boulder to boulder to the second pass.
Also here we were rewarded with a marvelous view to the valley La Lavaz. The third pass, F. da Lavaz was directly in front of us. So we began the last footpath and hiked up to the Medel-hut SAC. A very friendly hut couple were waiting for us (Barbara and Michael) and received us with a welcome-drink. Very tired we sat at the table and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Very happy and tired we went to bed and dreamed about the following day: Medel-hut - Sura da Lavaz - Passo della Greina - Terri-hut.
For the second and third day = look the pages/links: 3 day Greina-Trek (day 2/3 or 3/3)

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