Clemgia Schlucht

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Graubünden » Unterengadin
Tour Datum:19 Juli 2010
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T2 - Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-GR 
Zeitbedarf: 2:30
Aufstieg: 500 m
Abstieg: 500 m
Strecke:Scuol - Chiusa del Clemgia - Gole del Clemgia - Plan da Funtanas - Gole del Clemgia - Chiusa del Clemgia - Scuol
Kartennummer:1199 Scuol

This was planned to be a relaxing day so first we went with the kids to the playing ground at Gurlaina in Scuol - a few from our group wanted a bit more action and went up and took the Trottinets from Motta naluns via Ftan to Scuol - a funny experience that I never reached to try myself this year.

After the playground I wanted to go for a small walk and saw the Clemgia gorge which starts from Gurlaina as a perfect afternoon trip.

It is a very nice walk that is highly recommendable and easy accesible as you can go directly from the town. The surroundings and views are constantly changing with impressions for the senses: wood, rock formations, changing colours and water. The path is very well maintained and good secured - the railings though are made for adults and not small kids.

We had actually planned to walk over San Jon on our return to Scuol but decided to walk back through the gorge as it is a much nicer walk in our opinion.

Tourengänger: Jeppe


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