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Region: World » Italy » Piemonte
Date of the hike:27 August 2008
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: CH-VS   I 
Time: 9:30
Height gain: 1520 m 4986 ft.
Height loss: 1520 m 4986 ft.
Route:Morasco lake - Sabbione lake - Claudio e Bruno hut - Blinnenhorn
Access to start point:From Domodossola you drive up all the way north to Crodo and Formazza until the tiny village of Riale from where you get up to the Morasco lake dam and subsequently follow the unpaved track to the opposite end of the lake where there is large room for parking.
Accommodation:Mores hut, Claudio e Bruno hut. Also Città di Busto hut, Somma Lombardo hut, 3A hut, but to reach these, deviations from described route are to be considered.

Blinnenhorn is a very popular ascent for a combination of elements: ease of the normal route, availability of a number of huts along or very close to the route, breathtaking views all the way long.
The normal route starts from the parking area at the end of the Morasco lake; signs actually forbid access to it, but at any time in summer you would see dozens of cars parked there! Another warning is to avoid taking the
direct path to the Mores hut and, instead, go up via the Bettelamatt plain; indeed the direct path is, in a couple of points, to be carefully undertaken. The first half-our is a rather steep going, but then it gets quite more comfortable and, after something like an hour-and-half from the parking you would reach the Mores hut, right above the Sabbione dam and lake; at the opposite end of the lake (south-west) Punta d'Arbola shows very eyecatchingly. Now you will have to get down to the dam and cross it to follow the good path ascending very gently up to the Claudio e Bruno hut, slightly more than an hour from the Mores hut. From now on, and up to the ridge atop, it's a quite boring ascent along fine rubble; the path is always there, you can't miss it, provided visibility is decent. Once on the large indeed ridge the Blinnenhorn will finally be in sight! All you need to do is point at it by following the harmless ridge, passing aside the Griesgletscher and ascending again along fine rubble to the summit. On my day the visibility was not 100%, but still able to leave me without words. 
Went back along the same route. It's a relatively long walk, requiring 4-and-half to 5 hours for the ascent alone, plus something like 3-and-half to get back down, but maybe you may like to stop (as I did) at the Claudio e Bruno hut for a tea and a good slice of cherry-pie. I would rate this ascent T2 to T3 because of it's overall length.       

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