Piz Clünas (2793 m) with kids

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Graubünden » Unterengadin
Tour Datum:19 Juli 2009
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T3 - anspruchsvolles Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: Tasna Gruppe   CH-GR 
Zeitbedarf: 7:30
Aufstieg: 800 m
Abstieg: 1200 m
Strecke:Nateas - Alp Clünas - Piz Clünas - Lai da Minschuns - Alp Clünas - Schlivera - Nateas - Ftan
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:Car to Ftan but can easily be reached with bus from Scuol. From Ftan chairlift to Bergstation Nateas.
Unterkunftmöglichkeiten:Rented apartment in Scuol
Kartennummer:249T Tarasp

Having arrived late to Scuol the day before we took it easy in the morning and our little group first started during the day. We drove up to Ftan and from there took the Chairlift to Bergstation Nateas.
Overall - this trip is rather easy but still breathtaking as you get some fantastic views. Most of the time is spent in T2 environment and only the last part towards and away from Piz Clünas is T3.

At Nateas we prepared our gear and did ready for the trip - there was still plenty of snow left so the kids were very excited and started playing... finally after having changed all the wet clothes on the kids :-) we were ready to start (again). From Nateas we went directly towards Alp Clünas first through the wood then over the soft grassy hills - the path is easy to follow. Due to this being the first hot summer day in a period there were lots of water from melting snow making the trip quite muddy and slippery.

On the way from Alp Clünas towards Piz Clünas there is plenty of turns making it funny for the kids to wave to the rest of the party above and below - also a lot of possibilities of going a bit off track - especially around the averlange fences Christoffer (6 years) had fun while crawling around.

As we gained in altitude so did the wind speed - around the little hut just below the summit we decided to put on more clothes as especially the kids was starting to be cooled down. The last part towards Piz Clünas requires that you keep an tight eye on the kids.

The summit plateau is flat and there were plenty of snow left, so once again it was time to play in the snow - this time with rain clothes on :-). There is a very nice view from the plateau - towards East is the area with the cabinlift from Scuol to Motta Naluns that this summer was under reconstruction and in the winter is a skiing area, towards North we could look up at one of our next goals the Piz Minschun (3068 m) and towards the West you could see Minschun Pitschen and many other of the Unterengadin mountains. From the summit we continued North over Piz Clünas and down towards the west heading for Lai da Minschun which is a nice area to host a break and we had ourselves a nice afternoon break with some swiss chocolate at some of the bigger rocks. 

We were too late to reach the last chairlift down and as we had been walking in water and mud all day we decided not to go directly down towards Nateas but to take the bigger road towards Schlivera. These bigger roads in the area are broad and well maintained and accessible for all. After a while we turned back towards Nateas and continued down the roads until we reached Ftan. 

All in all we walked 13.7 km. Christoffer (6 years) walked most of the trip himself but was carried from time to time. Filippa (3 years) was carried in a children carrier most of the way - we were 5 adults to share this task and to carry equipment and food supplies. The were plenty of funny things for the kids with chairlift, snow, water, animals (cows, birds, marmots), sticks, rocks.

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