Furggi / Platthorn

Published by graphite69 , 22 October 2009, 22h21.

Region: World » Switzerland » Valais » Oberwallis
Date of the hike:10 October 2009
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: CH-VS 
Time: 5:00
Height gain: 1559 m 5114 ft.
Route:Zermatt/ Trift / Trifschumme /Furggi /Trift /Hohbalmen /Zermatt
Access to start point:Zermatt/Grampi's
Access to end point:same

A classic of Zermatt, yet off the beaten paths loaded with Bahnen and Gondolas. Less of a classic was the weather on this October 10th, 2009 with light rain, fog and snow.
My plan was Zermatt - Mettelhorn or Platthorn - sleep in the mountain - back to Zermatt over two days.

Grampi's coffee at 9am is the right kick for such a hike, and indeed, the trail starts from this bar. Almost 2 hours to Hotel du Trift (closed and barely with a covered square meter to get some relief from rain) where 3 light-loaded (and probably better trained) hunters just catch me, as does a light drizzle.

Fog joins drizzle when I reach the Triftschumme at around 2600mm. Good trail allows to make progress in spite of fog but I feel better after unloading tent and sleeping bag off my rucksack. The last 700m will be easier, or so I think.

Rain turns into snow at 2900mm in the upper Ttriftschumme as grass turns to stone and rocks. Good "Steinmänner" still show the way but when I reach the Furggi, snow is about 10 to 15cm deep. From this point, Platthorn is only 30mn and Mettelhorn 35mn away. Yet, Hohlichtgletscher is covered with snow with little visibility and Platthorn -stack of rocks and stones- is not too welcoming with no obvious path. Stopping there is -I think- the right decision for a lonely hiker.

Descent in the snow requires some attention as 10cm snow layer makes underneath rocks slippery. Weather finally turns better during the descent and I can start to enjoy the scenery with a little sushine.

Great cold night with -5C at 2600m during the night and fantastic view early morning. Descent to Zermatt via Hotel du Trift, a short climb to Hohbalmen 2650m, just to enjoy the full view of Matterhorn, from base to summit and the steep descent to Zermatt.

Hike partners: graphite69


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