September 09 ride to KUNZUM LA

Published by anilgoswamy , 30 September 2009, 05h07.

Region: World » India
Date of the hike:25 September 2009
Height gain: 2400 m 7872 ft.
Route:manali-rohtang-chatru-batal-kunzum la

Last month the scenery was dry this month it had snowed and it changed dramatically. see for yourself.
Kunzum La, is a pass at 4515 mtrs connecting the Kullu valley to the Lahaul Spiti valley from Manali in Himachal Pradesh INDIA.

Hike partners: anilgoswamy


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Alpin_Rise Pro says: Nice!
Sent 30 September 2009, 10h56
Hi anilgoswam,
good pictures of a (in - unknown, beautiful area!
I'd like to read a bit more about the trip (how to get there, how much time is needed, difficulties, special sights, etc.) and to see more of pictures of other trips!
Maybe you can also create a few waypoints that you passed while trekking? Then the report can be linked to the map and other hikes nearby.
G, Rise

anilgoswamy says: RE:Nice!
Sent 30 September 2009, 14h22
Hello Rise,
Thank you for your comments, Spiti and Lahaul are a district of Himachal Pradesh in North of India, this area is very similar to Leh and Ladakh which are more known and promoted.
I ive in Noida which is a suburb to DELHI. Spiti is a 12 hour drive by road from delhi which is approx 600 kmtrs. alternately one can fly to KULLU and go by road which is again 8 hours. treks normaiginate in MANALI 2100 mtrs or Shimla which is 2200 mtrs.
I did not trek we drove through and the waypoint module on the website is in German I only speak english! however I will be happy to assist you with any plans that you want to make and can get you precise info on specific queries. there ae at least 500 treks in this region with varying degrees of difficulty. it is indeed a very very beautiful part of the world. If you can give me your e mail I can send you more pictures from my recent trips in august and sept.

You can write to me on

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