Monte Giove

Published by Arbutus , 24 August 2009, 16h19.

Region: World » Italy » Piemonte
Date of the hike:23 August 2009
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: CH-VS   I 
Height gain: 1300 m 4264 ft.
Height loss: 2100 m 6888 ft.
Route:Rifugio Margaroli - Passo Busan - Lower Busan Lake - Monte Giove - Passo Busan - Scatta Minoia - Alpe Forno - Albrunpass - Binntalhuette - Binn
Access to start point:Alpe di Cruina (Postbus) - Griespass - Rifugio Città di Busto - Passo Nefelgiu - Rifugio Margaroli
Access to end point:Binn: Postbus to Fiesch, then MGB trains to Brig or Oberwald
Accommodation:Rifugio Margaroli and Binntalhuette

From Rifugio Margaroli (2195m), I crossed the dam and got on the steep trail up the hill. After hitting Passo Busan (2493m), the trail drops into the Busan basin and follows the east side of Lower Busan Lake; I stayed on the trail and, about 500m before the dam, headed up on a steep trail that branches off to the left. I climbed up the moderately steep meadow at the base of Monte Giove and headed southeast on the meadow, ending up on a marked trail (red-white paint and cairns) that got me up the scree field all the way to the top. (Watch for chamois as they run across the scree fields, and remember that they may very well drop a rock your way.) The summit is spectacular and offers lofty views in all directions. Same way back down to the lake and Passo Busan. Rather than going back to Lago Vanin, I followed an interesting and mostly level cross-country route to Scatta Minoia (expect lots of boulder-hopping). Then I dropped into Val Devero and climbed back up to Albrunpass. I crossed into Switzerland, visited the Binntalhuette, and followed the easy valley trail all the way to the town of Binn.

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