Pizzo Marona (windy)

Published by brunoz , 14 May 2019, 15h14.

Region: World » Italy » Piemonte
Date of the hike:12 May 2019
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: I 
Time: 10:30
Height gain: 950 m 3116 ft.
Height loss: 950 m 3116 ft.
Route:Cappella Fina - Pian Cavallone - Forcola - Passo del Diavolo - Pizzo Marona
Access to start point:Verbania - Cambiasca - Miazzina - Alpe Pala

Ascent to Pizzo Marona, within the “Mountain Safety”  course of CAI’s Laveno section. Pizzo Marona is the minor brother of the far more glamourous Monte Zeda, in the heart of the wild Val Grande. Not at all an easy stroll! We (Massimo, Giangi, Camilla, Ivan, Andrea and myself) departed from the comfortable parking area at Cappella Fina. The way goes up gently by a gravel paved road, until it converts into a path, still large and very moderately steep. A rather long walk, but good to heat up your legs. You will reach a deviation (right) to Pizzo Pernice, but keep going straight until you reach the chapel next to Rifugio Pian Cavallone, beneath Monte Todano. From the chapel you would move northwise, losing some elevation, along the western slopes of Monte Todano. Here things start getting a little more serious, but a couple of chains assist conveniently. The Colle della Forcola saddle is reached and now the path, evermore faint, contours the steep eastern flank of Cima Cugnacorta.  Here we met some residual snow which needed some care. In a short while the bottom of the “Scala santa” is reached, a very steep rocky stretch almost entirely equipped with chains. Soon after you will encounter the so-called “Passo del Diavolo” a narrow and exposed passage where, again, you benefit from the help of some chains. Not much left to climb, now, but significantly steep. Anyway, you finally reach the summit chapel/bivouac which, actually, is some 20 meters elevation below the real summit. A couple of minutes walk and the real summit is reached. Now, on our day we were confronted by rather severe northern winds, and the temperature perception was quite uncomfortable. The reward for the effort is an amazing all-round view of a large portion of the Alps. Monte Rosa, Strahlhorn, Rimpfishhorn, Täschhorn, Dom, Pizzo d’Andolla, Weissmies, Lagginhorn, Pizzo Leone, etc. The imposing Monte Zeda at a touch of the hand. Then, partially hidden by clouds, Monte Legnone, the Grigne… sporadically, even Monviso could be spotted. We went back down via the same ascent route, but fatigue started showing up and the group had a prolonged rest at Pian Cavallone. All together it took 10-and-half hours to complete the hike. Important: unless the Pian Cavallone hut is open, the only watering point along the way is located shortly above Cappella Fina.     

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