Piz dal Sasc (2732 m) and Roccabella (2730 m) - ski tour from Bivio

Published by Roald Pro , 9 February 2019, 20h14.

Region: World » Switzerland » Grisons » Oberhalbstein
Date of the hike: 9 February 2019
Ski grading: PD
Geo-Tags: CH-GR 
Time: 6:30
Height gain: 1150 m 3772 ft.
Height loss: 1900 m 6232 ft.
Access to start point:By car to Bivio.
Accommodation:Hotel Solaria in Bivio.

Combining Piz dal Sasc (2732 m) and Roccabella (2730 m) in one ski tour may seem strange, since the peaks are not that close to each other. But actually, Schneemann has already described such a tour.

I started from Bivio by taking the T-bar lifts all the way up to Mot Scalotta P.2560. The ticket for those who go on a ski tour costs 20 Fr (one time all the way up). The lifts start operating at 9:00 AM, but for people going on a ski tour they make exceptions, so I was able to get on the lift at 8:40 AM already. Great service! From Mot Scalotta P.2560, the start of the descent is slightly tricky. I was lucky to start behind two others, so I pretty much followed their route down. At P.2167, it was time to start the ascent towards the Lunghin pass and Piz dal Sasc. Here I continued to follow the two other skiers, many thanks for creating the track!

Actually the highest point of Piz dal Sasc is not P.2720, but P.2732, and that's where everybody goes in summer and winter. I guess P.2720 appears most prominent from Casaccia, and that is why P.2720 is considered the main summit on all maps.

It was quite windy at the summit of Piz dal Sasc, so I chose to ski down and have lunch later. The first few hundred meters of downhill skiing was really nice, but later the snow was more difficult due to the very windy conditions last night. I skied down towards Roccabella, and enjoyed my lunch at elevation 2200 m, before starting the ascent to Roccabella. Since it was already afternoon, there was a distinct track which was easy to follow all the way to the summit of Roccabella. At Bochetta d'Emmat it was really windy, but on top of Roccabella less. Skiing down from Roccabella was really nice between elevation 2500 m and 2100 m.

Overall it was a nice ski tour, but snow conditions were not so great, cause the wind had been quite strong last night.

Please see the attached GPS track for more details on the route.

The tour up to Piz dal Sasc is E-easy/L-Leicht/F-Facile, whereas for Roccabella it is LD-Little Difficult/WS-Wenig schwierig/PD-Peu difficile.
The avalanche risk was "2 - moderate".

Hike partners: Roald

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