Morne Morel

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Region: Welt » Frankreich » Guadeloupe
Tour Datum:20 Dezember 2018
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T2 - Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: F 
Aufstieg: 300 m
Abstieg: 300 m

Walked the road from Terre-en-Haut to Plage Pompierre. After checking out the beach, I backtracked to the trail sign, and started up a steep, residential road. At the end of the road a rough trail continued, well-marked with yellow paint. Reaching the crest, I headed right past the ruins of Batterie Caroline to a viewpoint with great views of the Baie Pompierre.

Backtracked to the last junction, and followed a sign for Pointe Morel. As far as I could tell, the trail doesn't reach Pointe Morel, but loops back from Pointe Zozio. The painted markers weren't always easily visible, especially when heading uphill, and a few sections of the trail were slightly overgrown.

After closing the loop, I followed a different trail down to Anse du Marigot. This trail was well marked and signed.

Didn't encounter anyone on the trail, just a lot of goats.

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