Inner Fürberg (2627 m) - bike & hike from Klöntal

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Glarus
Tour Datum: 3 August 2018
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T4- - Alpinwandern
Mountainbike Schwierigkeit: L - Leicht fahrbar
Geo-Tags: CH-GL   Glärnischgruppe 
Zeitbedarf: 8:30
Aufstieg: 1800 m
Abstieg: 1800 m
Strecke:See waypoints and GPS track
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:By car to the western end of Klöntalersee. Parking about 100 m after passing the restaurant "Im Plätz".

Inner Fürberg (aka Gross Fürberg) is a peak which is rather easy to hike to, but it still offers a great view to the glacier and the highest peaks in the Glärnisch massif.

I started off at 7:15 in the morning from Plätz, bringing my mountain bike along. The forest road to Chäseren is quite steep in many places, so I mostly walked the bike. At the end of the road I left the bike behind and continued on foot. Luckily, in the morning most of the route was still in the shade, and I could keep a good pace up to the Glärnisch mountain lodge. Next, I continued up the marked trail until elevation 2200 m. Just after the steeper part of the trail, I headed straight up the small valley called Steintäli. There it's probably best to stay on the right hand side, where there is a path or at least path traces. But I didn't really do that.

Further up I had to ascend across a large area with limestone. The stones often have really sharp edges, and for a while I actually wore my gloves for protection.

The summit book at Inner Fürberg is actually 20 years old. It was placed there in 1998, and is about two thirds full. So I would say it may last for another 10 years.

The view from the summit was great! The view towards the glacier is even better 200 m further to the east, where I enjoyed my lunch break.

For the descent, I generally went the same way, except I skipped the limestone area:-)

Please see attached GPS track for more details on the route.

- Hiking sticks

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