Züri-Oberland wall trilogy – Früetobel, Roten and Hörnli

Published by 360 Pro , 11 May 2009, 06h59.

Region: World » Switzerland » Zürich
Date of the hike:10 May 2009
Hiking grading: T5 - Challenging High-level Alpine hike
Geo-Tags: Zürcher Oberland   CH-ZH   CH-SG 
Access to start point:cff logo Fischenthal
Access to end point:cff logo Steg

The “Züri-Oberland conglomerate fetishists” :-) already suggested (ossi) and realized (Delta -> here) the ZO wall trilogy. I actually only planned a “duetto”, but because I was faster than expected, I ended up also adding the Hörnli at the end and so I did the trilogy as well. Not as fast as Delta and not in the winter, and not quite on the same route, but it was fun!

Like Delta I started in cff logo Fischenthal, but instead of climbing Hasenböl, I took the regular hiking path to Orüti and Chleger into the Früetobel. For the wall I followed the path up the Früetobel Mittelsporn und Quergang nach Norden, which was nicely described by ossi, I also saw the more direct route described by Delta: Durchs Früetobel, Mittelsporn, but it seemed very interesting to walk below the impressive conglomerate walls. From the Stralegg-street near Ragenbuech I then went down to Beschten and into the Beschtentobel.

I’m not 100% sure what exact route I actually took up the Roten south wall, but I think it was most likely similar to ossi's Roten Osterweg. (I had quite an adrenalin rush during this ascent, because a tuft I stood on in very steep terrain gave way and I slid down with it a little bit…). The 10m root bolder right after the hiking path towards the summit, mentioned by Delta and ossi is indeed a lot of fun. On the summit of Roten I made a short lunch break and then walked along the marked path to Steg.

Since I missed a train by a few minutes minutes and since it was only shortly after noon, I decided to make the trilogy complete and also climb the Hörnli-"Westwand" on the same route I did here.

I walked to Lipperschwändi and then into the Nideltobel/Bärtobel. Unfortunately I didn’t quite remember which ridge I actually took the last time, so I had to search a little bit and promptly took the wrong one for a while, before I noticed.

At the restaurant up on the summit of Hörnli I drank a Rivella and a beer and then walked back down to the train station cff logo Steg along the VV Fischenthal path.

cff logo Fischenthal - Orüti -Chleger - Früetobel - Ragenbuech - Beschten - Beschtentobel - Roten southwall - Roten - Rütiwis - Vorderegg - cff logo Steg - Lipperschwändi - Nideltobel - Bärtobel - Hörnli Westwand - Hörnli - Breitenweg - cff logo Steg

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Delta Pro says: Congrats
Sent 11 May 2009, 09h49
Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I should go there once again - maybe enlarging the trilogy to a quintology?

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