Monte San Giorgio, a stroll

Published by brunoz , 23 January 2018, 13h31.

Region: World » Switzerland » Tessin » Sottoceneri
Date of the hike:21 January 2018
Hiking grading: T1 - Valley hike
Geo-Tags: CH-TI   Gruppo Lago Ceresio 
Height gain: 560 m 1837 ft.
Height loss: 560 m 1837 ft.
Route:Meride - Cassina - Monte San Giorgio
Maps:CNS 1373 Mendrisio

Going up to Monte San Giorgio is nothing more than a comfortable walk, however you decide to take it. Fame to this mountain arrived in 2003, when it became a Unesco site thanks to the outstanding prehistoric (Triassic) findings. Having in mind the report by paoloski  (and with today’s limited available time), we chose to start from the lovely little village of Meride. A large (free) parking area is located on the left of road, immediately before Meride. There is a vast array of paths to choose from; we started from the north-eastern part of the village, where the route moves up very gently direction north-east, then turns decidedly north-west running along Val Serrata. Quite a windy day, but otherwise splendid. A merging point (864m on the CNS) with the larger path which departs from S. Silvestro is soon reached; right here the walk turns into a stroll, until you get to Cassina. Next the path moves up towards Forello, and that’s about where we hit some residual snow, actually degenerating into very slippery mud. However, with large views over Milano and the Appenines, Forello is soon reached and, in a matter of minutes, the summit of Monte San Giorgio too. Very crowded. The building on the summit offers some room for a meal and a rest, but, sadly, the chapel was closed. Anyway, here’s the highlight of the hike: an absolutely spectacular view over the Lugano lake, some 800m below, from Morcote to Melide and to Lugano itself. Engaging the slippery path on descending proved, uh, an exciting excercise. To make a slight change we followed integrally the large, steep at times but well-paved track descending to S. Silvestro. The whole hike may take three-and-half to four hours, so just a half-day stroll, hassle-free, but with a very generous prize.

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MicheleK says:
Sent 27 January 2018, 14h57
I was on top of Monte Generoso last sunday..

... you forgot to mention the spectacular views of Monviso :)

normally the highlight is Monte Rosa... but last sunday Mendrisiotto was the only sunny spot and it was hiding in clouds...

I grew up in Tremona/Meride, so I know for a fact you chose a fantastic hike ... :)

next time have a break at the bar on the Piazza in Meride.. friends of mine... and have a look at the Dino Museum... it is worthwhile!

Ciao ciao,

brunoz says: RE:
Sent 29 January 2018, 09h54
Hi Michele!
Well, Monte Generoso i definitely on our wish-list. On our day at Monte San Giorgio the view westwise and northwise was partially hidden by clouds... even Monte Tamaro was not to be seen!
Meride is a lovely place, yes, hope to be there again soon, maybe combining to go up Poncione d'Arzo.
Happy hiking!

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