Piz de Calvaresc

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Graubünden » Misox
Tour Datum:12 Oktober 2017
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T3 - anspruchsvolles Bergwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-GR   Gruppo Arbeola-Molera 
Aufstieg: 1460 m
Abstieg: 1460 m
Kartennummer:CNS 1274 Mesocco

I have been planning Piz de l’Ardion (yes) for quite a while. It seemed the right time, but I discovered that the paved road ascending from Soazza to Alp the Bec can be undertaken only upon specific permit release, which makes a 20CHF expense. Wow, I drove twice up to Alp de Bec not knowing... will not do that again, not for me. The alternative is going up from Rossa, in Val Calanca, i.e. some extra 420m altitude to deal with. But then, why not Piz de Calvaresc? Ok, now to the hike report. To start with, there are two possible routes moving up from Rossa. I chose the one departing from the eastern end of Rossa, and that resulted to be a bad idea; apart from being rather steep (to be expected, having seen the CNS map) this path is very scarcely marked and, in several points, in miserable condition. Some urgent maintainance is needed or it may litterally disappear! A couple of times things were so confused that I got along only because I guessed correctly the direction. I was reached by another hiker who confirmed the concern. One way or another I reached the junction point with the other path ascending from Rossa, at about 1690m. From here onwards the markings are frequent and the path far better, moderately steep, so reaching Alp de Calvaresc Sot is an easy task. Now comes another steep portion of the route, where you would also find some fixed chains helping out to move along some wet, slippery rocks. Soon after crossing a lovely waterfall of the Rià del Frott, you will reach Alp de Calvaresc Desora, a verandah over the upper Calanca valley, sporting the magnificence of Piz di Strega. Another short ascent and you are at Lagh de Calvaresc, a true jewel. Here you get a view over Bocchetta de Calvaresc and it doesn’t seem at all a fun and games issue! A substantially wide, but steep couloir of rubble is the challenge of the day. For a very short while there still is a barely visible path, then you need to make your way without assistance, but  Bocchetta de Calvaresc is always in front of you, so you cannot miss the target. Once up there you get a sudden, astonishing view over Mesolcina and the ridge with Cima de Pian Guarnei, Piz Corbet, Piz Pombi, and, at your feet, the lovely pastures of Alp Lughezzon. Also my beloved Pizzo di Emet peeks gently. Anyway, now all that is left is the northern ridge of Piz de Calvaresc; I thought contouring it on the eastern flank, but that’s where some slabs are, not my favourite terrain. However, reaching the summit would soon be done, where a lonely cairn stands (without, apparently, any summit book). Piz de l’Ardion is right there to be seen, and Cima de Nomnom, but obviously there is much more, including Basodino, Cima di Gagnone, Finsteraarhorn, Torent Alto, Piz di Strega and the very close Fil de Dragiva (which actually obstrusts the view northwise), etc. Going down you may as well briefly by-pass Bocchetta de Calvaresc and get directly into the rubble couloir. After Alp de Calvaresc Sot, at the hut located at 1600m, I chose the path which ultimately leads back to Rossa via Or and Carnalta. Well, it is at times rather steep, but at least it is conveniently maintained and marked, so the walk turns in a more relaxed mood. A couple of final notes :  there are several waterfalls until Alp de Calvaresc Desora, so your water supplies will not dry off. Also, allow yourself some time to wander in the cute alleys (mostly pedestrian) of Rossa.

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