A few Jura summits - a sunny and easy snow shoe hike from Les Hauts-Geneveys to Noiraigue

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Neuenburg
Tour Datum:18 März 2009
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T3 - anspruchsvolles Bergwandern
Schneeshuhtouren Schwierigkeit: WT2 - Schneeschuhwanderung
Geo-Tags: CH-NE 
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:cff logo Les Hautes-Geneveys
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:cff logo Noiraigue

The Jura is snowed in as good as it hasn’t been for a long time and above about ca. 1000m there is still plenty of snow. I planned to do a little tour in the area of Mont Racine, but because it was so nice I ended up walking all day long and finished my hike in Noiraigue.

I started at the train station cff logo Les Hauts-Geneveys. From there I walked up to the bottom station of the ski lift Téléskis de Tête-de-Ran Sàrl and walked up to the summit of Tête-de-Ran along the lift. I only had to put on my snow shoes on the top station of the ski lift, because the snow along the ski lift tracks was nice and hard and it was no problem at all to walk in my hiking boots.

On a clear day like this the view up there is truly impressive, not only down to the lake but also into the Alps. From the peaks in Central Switzerland to the Bern Alps over to the Valais/Fribour/Vaud and the French Alps including Mont Blanc, everything is there right in front of you. After a short break I walked more or less along the ridge to Mont Racine. I didn’t even really notice that I also walked over another “summit” called Rochers Bruns, because it was only a little bump. The snow shoes soon turned out to be very helpful in the snow which was getting heavier by the minute. The view on Mont Racine is very similar to the rest of this ridge and on Tête-de-Ran.

After another short break I then walked towards P. 1421 and from there went straight down in the north flank of Mont Racine to the hut at P. 1332 and then cross country southwestwards to the little summit called Grands Coeurie. The snow was pretty wet and heavy by now and I was very glad to have the snow shoes with me.

From Grands Coeurie I walked down to the Col de a Tourne and from there along the marked path up to the summit of Tablettes. Again the view from all the Jura summits in this area is amazing! For those of you who want to see how fluent they are in naming peaks of the Alps, I created a big panorama here. The summit of Tablettes is rather interesting not just because of the view but also due to the fact that the south and west walls form an interesting drop (kind of a mini Creux du Van).

Since it was only shortly after noon when I got here, the clouds which where forecasted nowhere in sight and I didn’t feel like going back down towards Neuchâtel, I checked out my map. The gorge which leads to Noirague looked interesting. So I decided to walk along the ridge southwestwards towards Noiraigue (continuous up and down in the forest). At point 1218, I went down to the Charbonnière pretty much in a straight line, sometimes using one of the many paths. At around 1000m I didn’t need my snow shoes any more. From the Charbonnière I then walked to Brot-Dessous.
As you probably know by now, I usually carry pretty old Swiss maps from the 70ties on me, where some paths are outdated. The path from Brot-Dessous down to the river is clearly shown on my map and because I could only find some path traces, I thought that it’s probably due to the fact that my map is outdated, but when checking at home on the latest edition of the 25K map it is on there as well.

The river l’Areuse and in particular the Gorges de l”Areuse are actually quite interesting, especially with the melting snow and lots and lots of water. The walk to Noiraigue is easy and scenic and you can’t miss it.

Since I didn’t really plan to end up in Noiraigue, I didn’t know what time there was a train to Neuchatel, but when I arrived at the train station, I was lucky and had just enough time to get a ticket, before the train left!

cff logo Les Hautes-Geneveys - Tête de Ran - Rochers Bruns – Mont Racine – Grand Coeurie – Col de la Tourne – Tablettes – P. 1218 – Charbonnière – Brot-Dessous – Georges de l’Areuse – cff logo Noiraigue

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