Bützi (circumenting Stockflue)

Publiziert von olethros , 11. Dezember 2016 um 15:51.

Region: Welt » Schweiz » Schwyz
Tour Datum:11 Dezember 2016
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T5 - anspruchsvolles Alpinwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-SZ   Rigigebiet 

A quick climb of Bützi and ascent to the ridge (skipping Stockflue) and then down to Goldau. The descent from Bützi was delicate, in contrast to the ascent which was steep, but essentially just walking. The first section of the descent was on a steep rock secured with steel cables. There were plenty of good footholds, closely spaced together, but I wouldn't have tried it without the cable. Then, just when you think you've been through the worse, the only way down was a vertical descent on a double rope with a couple of metal steps.

This was apparently the crux of the ascent to Stockflue, although I didn't know it at the time. So it put me off attempting Stockflue, circumventing the direct ascent. When I approached Stockflue from the north side I wasn't feeling like going over yet another via ferrata to the top.

The way back down was mostly running, actually.

Anyway, fun times. I guess this is my first official T5.

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