Mount Pluto - Ski Season Opener

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Region: Welt » United States » California
Tour Datum: 2 Dezember 2016
Ski Schwierigkeit: L
Geo-Tags: US-CA   USA 
Aufstieg: 800 m
Abstieg: 800 m
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:Village View Parking at Northstar CA (free parking)

The Sierra Nevada got quite some early snow this season and I was eager to get out there after yet another month without serious mountain activities. My tour today only makes sense if the Northstar ski resort hasn't fully opened all their slopes and lifts yet. The otherwise very crowded ski area and groomed slopes would most likely not be too joyful for a backcountry ski tour during high season. Another reason for my choice was the lake wind advisory with forecasted strong southwest winds for this day in the Tahoe area. This tour would give me a northeastern ascent on the lee side and made sure I didn't have to face cold and very strong winds for most of the day.

After doing some research and checking out the trailmap of the Northstar ski resort, I decide to take "The Woods" then the "Logger's Loop" and for the rest of my way to the top of Mount Pluto the "East Ridge" slopes. "The Woods" and part of the "Logger's Loop" were still untouched by the snow cats with some surprisingly nice powder. In the upper part of my ascent, I avoid the partially groomed but still closed slopes by taking a little detour south of the slopes in the forest there. Even though there is almost 1/2 meter of snow here, huge fallen trees and sometimes big rocks are not completely covered with snow and make the touring a little more difficult. However, all together it's an easy tour which is never steeper than 30 degrees.

After a long break in the restaurant at the top and enjoying the sun on it's terrace, I paid a short visit to P. 8574, southwest of the main summit. Due to the flatness of Mount Pluto's actual top and it's surrounding trees, the summit doesn't really offer much of a view but P. 8574 does. There I find the "Lance Sevison Monument" and a good view south to Lake Tahoe. After returning to the summit I ski down the (open) slopes of the ski area together with lots of other folks.

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