Stelli (3357m)

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Region: Welt » Schweiz » Wallis » Oberwallis
Tour Datum:19 Juli 2016
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T5- - anspruchsvolles Alpinwandern
Geo-Tags: CH-VS 
Zeitbedarf: 7:00
Aufstieg: 1150 m
Abstieg: 1150 m

We were promised another summer day with excellent weather conditions, so we deciced to get up early and take the first bus to Mattmark. Last year, I went to the Stellipass (3038m) together with my father and uncle. The plan was now to get to the top of the Stelli (3357m) via the north ridge. We were already familiar with the first part of the path, so we reached the Stellipass in about 3 hours, without difficulties. The path starts at Mattmark, goes in the direction of the Ofental, and then turns left into the Wystal, as described in my last year's *report. This bit is rather easy if you manage to find the right trail (T3-T4).

After arriving at the pass, and resting a bit, we headed towards the summit, via the ridge. The terrain was steeper here, but still ok: nice rocks and good snow quality. Having climbed about 100 meters, we decided to turn somewhat to the right, away from the ridge. At the moment this seemed the better option, since the ridge got more exposed. However, the rocks on this side were all very loose, so the next 100 meters of ascend weren't exactly pleasant. In the last 100 meters to the top, the boulders got bigger again, and were mostly stable. We had an enjoyable view from the summit, in the direction of the Stellihorn, and could even clearly see the mountains across the Rhône valley. The Mischabel chain was prominent as always. We decided to descend along the west ridge, and this turned out to be a good idea, since the rocks were a lot more reliable here. Hence, the descent was quite fun, although it was still a long way down to the Mattmark lake. 

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Solo aufs Stelli (3356m) · Alpenorni
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