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2:30↑191 m↓191 m   T1  
27 Feb 19
Into the Amel Valley
A quick look at the map does not reveal that this is a varied, albeit always easy hike. This part of Belgium is particularly pretty, and rightfully a nice holiday area. The Belgian Forest Management has a knack for maintaining their forest while keeping it unspoilt and appealing. The hike starts at the old Monastry just north...
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3:00↑170 m↓170 m   T1  
18 Nov 18
Fosse d'Eupen
Vennwanderung in Eiseskälte, aber strahlendem Sonnenschein. Eine Wanderung für die, die lange Geraden lieben; da gehören wir eigentlich nicht zu.... Wenig bis nichts los auf unserer Tour - verglichen mit den Auto-Park-Kolonnen ein paar hundert Meter weiter an Baraque Michel und Botrange, dem höchsten Punkt Belgiens. Logisch,...
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3:30↑220 m↓220 m   T1  
28 Aug 18
Around the Weser Dam
The Weser dam is, quite rightfully, a major tourist destination of the Eupen area. Access is well signposted, and the huge parking area is testimony to the popularity of the area. We were there in the middle of the week in late August, and avoided the weekend run. As soon as you leave the vicinity of the dam, traffic reduces and...
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3:15↑340 m↓340 m   T2  
15 Aug 18
Three streams to Castle Reinharstein
The trail visits some of the prime hiking areas in Eastern Belgium. Unless you enjoy the crowds, try not to go on a weekend in summer. Having said this, we were entirely alone on the first (along the Ghaster stream) and the last (from Reinhardstein to Ovivat on forest trails) part of the hike. Ovivat is a small village, with...
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2:30↑150 m↓150 m   T2  
3 Apr 18
Around the Poleur Venn and the upper Hoegne
East Belgium has a knack for creating the right mix of wilderness and accessibility, busy tourist hotspots and places that make you feel adventurous. Of course the High Venn of the Ardennes is an outstandingly beautiful eco-system that attracts hikers with its muddy trails, board walks, great vistas, and rapidly changing weather...
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5:00↑400 m↓400 m   T2  
18 Okt 17
Fall colours and the falling waters of Hoegne and Statte
The trails of the Valley of the Hoegne stream, between Hockai and the Belleheid Bridge, are under the patronage of the Belgian King Albert II, and the valley is rated among the most beautiful of Belgium. We haven't hiked all valleys in Belgium, but we tend to agree. It is an absolute highlight. Almost as beautiful is the valley...
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3:45↑360 m↓360 m   T1  
15 Okt 17
14 Anthills near the Ihrenbach
There was a time when anthills could be seen at every intersection in the forest. These days they are a rather rare occurrence. On this hike, we counted 14 anthills, right next to the trail. Take it as a sort of geocaching exercise. The hike starts and ends at Schönberg, a very pretty (non-touristic) village in Belgium near...
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2:15↑190 m↓190 m   T1  
3 Okt 17
The valleys of the Ruisseau de Bayehon and the Pouhon
The trail leads through the wild and beautiful valley of the Ruisseau de Bayehon. One of the highlights is the Cascade de Bayehon, probably the most picturesque fall in Eastern Belgium. The spectacle is particularly impressive during fall, when the rains have fed the streams and the foliage is colourful. The trail is well...
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3:30↑285 m↓285 m   T1  
18 Jun 17
Tros Marets
The hike starts at the signposted parking lot of the Hotel-Restaurant 'Ferme Libert' just outside Beverce. The trail is best known for the wild valley of the Tros Marets - undoubtedly a most photogenic scenery. Here, the path is secured for a few meters with a steel rope giving the uninitiated a slightly alpine feel. This...
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2:45↑145 m↓145 m   T1  
16 Jun 17
The Source of the Rur
The trail has three highlights: (i) the Boardwalks near Sourbrodt lovingly maintained by the Sourbrodt community, (ii) the glimpses of the Fagne Wallonne and the closest point to the source of the river Rur as you can get; and (iii) a stretch of wild forest along one of the branches of the young Rur. Between them, you have to...
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