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14 Aug 17
Chapel Rock & Chapel Beach - Traumhafte Ziele am Lake Superior
Wer sich schon einmal mit Michigan beschäftigt hat, dem sind Bilder der "Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore" im Auge hängengeblieben. Steil ragen die Klippen aus dem Wasser - dazwischen gibt es immer wieder schöne Buchten. Und im Sommer kann man im Lake Superior baden. Die hier vorgestellte Wanderung ist wahrlich nicht...
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15 Aug 08
Crisp Point Lighthouse
A beautiful historic lighthouse is nestled miles from civilization on the shores of Lake Superior.  Crisp Point lighthouse is being restored.  You will see photos from when we visited in 2007 then again in 2008 once the renovation has begun.  Enroute to the lighthouse, one may see black bear, deer, eagles, and other...
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14 Aug 08
Taquahmenon River
This photo file contains photos from Lower to Upper falls including a row boat jaunt across the lower Taquahmenon River to Taquahmenon Island.  The island splits the river creating small cascades which make up the lower Taquahmenon Falls.  The Toonerville Trolley track is a 24 guage train track which runs along the...
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Taquahmenon Falls
A simply wonderful stroll through the woods, up and down a few hills, along the Taquahmenon River.  4 miles one way.  We hiked from the lower to the upper falls.  Hike from the lower to upper falls or vice versa.  The Lower Falls photos are from 2001,. Summertime Upper Falls are from August 2006 (the...
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Cut River Bridge Lake Michigan
This short hike took us down the side of the bank along the Cut River to the shoreline of Lake Michigan.  The Cut River leads in to Lake Michigan. 
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Dollarville Dam
This is a very short hike which takes you back to the dam.  It is popular with bird watchers and fishermen.  We saw several beautiful flowers along the way.
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Fayette - Ghost Town Under Restoration
Fayette, Michigan is a ghost town which is undergoing restoration to the original buildings and houses of this historic town.  It was once one of the most productive iron-smelting operations in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Huge furnaces, an extensive dock and several kilns used to be in operation...
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Iroquois Point
Iroquois Point Lighthouse sits on the shores of Whitefish Bay which is connected to Lake Superior.  This hike was along the shore of Whitefish Bay and the Lighthouse itself.  1000 footer Lake Freighters and Ocean Going Vessels all sail by this beach.  Whether they are traveling up or down all pass through the Soo...
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Animals and Birds of Upper Michigan area
This summer, July 2007,  we seemed to be at the right place at the right time several times and were able to capture animals and birds of all kinds on our various hikes!   All you animal lovers out there - Enjoy! 
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More Animals and Birds of Upper Michigan
This is a continuation of the last upload I did.  More animals and birds we saw from our hikes in July 2007.
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