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↑1250 m↓1250 m   T3+ I  
15 Jun 18
Pyramid Peak via Rocky Canyon
The general setup was more or less the same as last week, not too much time for an extended hike so something with little ramp-up time was needed. Since I also didn't have time to prepare any new hikes I just decided to go back to Pyramid Peak once again. In order to make sure I would reach my goal on this day, I didn't only start...
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↑900 m↓900 m   T4+ II  
8 Jun 18
Horsetail Falls and P. 8844
Today I had some commitments in the evening and had to be back early. Therefore, I chose a hike with a relatively short drive. I also wanted to check out my original plan from here, the south-southeast ridge to Pyramid Peak. Turns out my plans were a little too ambitious to reach Pyramid Peak in time, but I made it to P.8844 and...
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31 Mai 18
  rojosuiza gerät in Lebensgefahr! Wer oder was ist schuld daran? Ist es der amerikanische Held Trump? Bedroht ihn der Waldbrand? Sind es kalifornische Polizeikugeln oder ein wildgewordener Landbesitzer? Zu nennen wäre auch noch der landansässige Puma oder der sagenhafte Burbanker Braunbär. Aber greifen wir nicht...
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21 Mai 18
Gestrandet auf 3333 Metern
Gestrandet auf 3333 Metern. Das klingt hochalpin. Aber ist es das? Bei einem eheren Besuch der Gegend waren die Schranken bei Aspendell zu: Wintersperre. Heute sind sie offen, und der Taxifahrer rauscht durch mit rojosuiza. Der ist jetzt Kenner, und weist den Weg. So kommt man per Automobil bis zum North Lake. 3333...
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10 Mai 18
Walking the Wash
1976 war der Wash noch ursprünglich und unverbaut. Seiher ist ein Golfplatz mitten hinein gelegt worden, und auch eine Autobahn führt quer durch das Gebiet hindurch. Was ist der Wash? - Ein grosses, trockenes Flussbett - ein Wüsten- und Gebirgfluss. Meist ist das Bett leer, aber wehe, wenn das Wasser kommt! Der Tujunga...
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2 Tage ↑1000 m↓1000 m   T3 WS  
10 Mai 18
Do they make crampons for dogs?
Since I'm still employed in Switzerland, I get the Swiss Holidays off at work even though I live in California. This has advantages and disadvantages. One of advantages is that on those Swiss Holidays almost nobody has the day off in the US and therefore, it's hardly ever crowded, neither on the roads nor in the mountains. If you...
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↑700 m↓700 m   T4+ WS  
4 Mai 18
Woods Lake a nice alternative start for a ski tour to Round Top
As you might have noticed by now, Round Top is one of my favorite goals in winter and summer. So far my starting point for this tour has always been Carson Pass. For back-country ski tours the section from Carson Pass to Winnemucca Lake is somewhat sub-optimal. The main reason is that this part is rather flat with only little gain...
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↑650 m↓650 m   ZS  
27 Apr 18
Plan B: Thimble Peak - a worthy alternative to the original plan
Whenever I drive to Carson pass from east during the winter, I see the nice east facing slopes of Red Lake - and Stevens Peak, which look very inviting for skiing. David Wonser praises Red Lake Peak's east face on his website as "some of the best corn skiing terrain in Carson Pass". And that's exactly what my plan was for the day....
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14 Jan 18
Pick me up at the Negro Bar
What sounds like a politically incorrect statement is what I told my wife the other day: "Can you pick me up at the Negro Bar?" However, I didn't go out to have a drink in a bar, but asked her to pick me up at the "Negro Bar" State Park, after I walked there from home. "Negro Bar" is the site which was mined by African...
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↑1050 m↓1050 m   T4- WT1  
15 Dez 17
Phipps Peak - A nice snowshoe & hike roundtrip from Emerald Bay
California's weather is currently influenced by a so-called "blocking high" off the Atlantic coast which brought us nice warm and sunny T-Shirt days down in the valley for almost all of December so far (and it doesn't look like it will change any time soon). Unfortunately this prevents the winter storms from rolling in and the...
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