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↑850 m↓850 m   WT2  
8 Dez 17
Tells Peak - a "must-climb" Sierra Peak for a Swiss!
After my failed attempt to climb Tells Peak last week I did my home work, studied what went wrong and why I didn't find the Highland Trail. After checking the different topo maps on caltopo.com, I realized that the US-Topo Map which I had with my (and was on my GPS) was outdated and contained an old version of the Highland Trail....
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1 Dez 17
Sun Rock - Stopgap in the Desolation Wilderness
Recently I discovered that the 4 peaks of the extended Crystal Range north of Rockbound Pass (Red -, Silver -, McConnel - and Tells Peak) have a relatively short access from west. The so-called "Ice House Road" from Kyburz to Loon Lake is a regular asphalt road and supposedly plowed all winter long too. The minor single lane...
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24 Nov 17
Round Top: Normal Route from Carson Pass
Quick trip to the Sierra to check out the snow situation at Round Top. I should have brought my skis along, because there was more than plenty of the white stuff. Walked from Carson Pass to Winnemucca Lake to the saddle between The Sisters and Round Top and then via west ridge (snow free) to the top. Back the same way. (For...
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17 Nov 17
Oops, I did it again
After last weeks outing to Flagstaff Hill, I actually didn't think I would go back to this mountain (ever) again, because there wasn't really much which was extremely attractive for a mountaineer like me. However, I kind of had to, because I lost something precious up there (most likely during the bushwhacking up to the summit)....
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10 Nov 17
Flagstaff Hill - A hike along the South Fork of the American River on Folsom Lake
Fall has arrived in California and with it the first winter storms. My plans for the Sierra Nevada were cancelled the night before due to extensive snowfall in the Tahoe area. As an alternative I planned to visit Flagstaff Hill, a mountain on Folsom Lake which should give me a rather good view of the Lake and the surrounding area....
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27 Okt 17
Anderson Peak from Donner Pass
Anderson Peak is one of the few mountain tops in the Tahoe area which haven't received a visit from me yet, even though I tried twice already. The first time, I failed due the icy steep north face and not carrying crampons with me and the second time I ran out of time due to an unplanned detour. This time I was rather sure I would...
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30 Sep 17
Cathedral Lake : en AR depuis Tuolome Meadows
La plus belle rando de Tuolome Meadwos selon le Lonely Planet (itinéraire détaillé ici), ou en tous cas la plus belle des randos faciles…à faire absolument si on poursuite le voyage en direction des PN désertiques du Nevada/Arizona. C'est bucolique tout du long, pour le coup vraiment adapté aux enfants (plus que le...
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28 Sep 17
Half Dome / Yosemite : rando familiale version XXL
C'est monstre long, blindé de monde, mais c'est quand même l'ascension incontournable du Yosemite dans des paysages vraiment exceptionnels - si on a la chance d'avoir un permis ! Si on n'a pas participé à la 1ère loterie de mars, il faut tenter sa chance chaque jour pour 3 jours après jusqu'à ce que ça marche (10$,...
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27 Sep 17
Magie du Yosemite : Glacier Point par les 3 trails
1ère "vraie" rando de notre séjour familial dans l'Ouest américain…heureusement on s'était entrainés aux sorties kilométriques en marchant à tord et à travers dans San Francisco les jours précédents (45k au Garmin, vive les vacances), car la caractéristique des sentiers locaux est de serpenter à l'infini pour...
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1 Sep 17
Lovers Leap
An easy and short hike from Camp Sacramento to Lovers Leap on the way to Lake Tahoe. After a pick-nick at Camp Sacramento we hike along the obvious trail all the way to the top of Lovers Leap. Unfortunately the smoke from the many wildfires in the Sierra makes the view very hazy. Nice viewpoint along Highway 50. There are...
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