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30 Sep 17
Cathedral Lake : en AR depuis Tuolome Meadows
La plus belle rando de Tuolome Meadwos selon le Lonely Planet 8itinéraire détaillé ici), ou en tous cas la plus belle des randos faciles…à faire absolument si on poursuite le voyage en direction des PN désertiques du Nevada/Arizona. C'est bucolique tout du long, pour le coup vraiment adapté aux enfants (plus que le...
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28 Sep 17
Half Dome / Yosemite : rando familiale version XXL
C'est monstre long, blindé de monde, mais c'est quand même l'ascension incontournable du Yosemite dans des paysages vraiment exceptionnels - si on a la chance d'avoir un permis ! Si on n'a pas participé à la 1ère loterie de mars, il faut tenter sa chance chaque jour pour 3 jours après jusqu'à ce que ça marche (10$,...
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27 Sep 17
Magie du Yosemite : Glacier Point par les 3 trails
1ère "vraie" rando de notre séjour familial dans l'Ouest américain…heureusement on s'était entrainés aux sorties kilométriques en marchant à tord et à travers dans San Francisco les jours précédents (45k au Garmin, vive les vacances), car la caractéristique des sentiers locaux est de serpenter à l'infini pour...
Publiziert von Bertrand 13. Oktober 2017 um 16:39 (Fotos:16 | Geodaten:1)
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1 Sep 17
Lovers Leap
An easy and short hike from Camp Sacramento to Lovers Leap on the way to Lake Tahoe. After a pick-nick at Camp Sacramento we hike along the obvious trail all the way to the top of Lovers Leap. Unfortunately the smoke from the many wildfires in the Sierra makes the view very hazy. Nice viewpoint along Highway 50. There are...
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14 Jul 17
Stanislaus- and Sonora Peak
Stanislaus- and Sonora Peak are two relatively easy accessible peaks from Sonora Pass. They are both pretty high, with Sonora Peak actually being the highest peak of the Sierra Nevada north of Sonora Pass. I had plans to climb these two mountains at the end of September last year already. However, I miserably failed due to the...
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7 Jul 17
Well, well, well, Mount Elwell
For this day I had 3 concrete goals: Climb Mount Elwell, test my newly acquired trail running shoes and catch some fish for dinner. I didn't think that I would successfully be done with all of this shortly after 2 PM already... Climbing Mount Elwell didn't seem like a big alpine challenge since there are easy accesses from the...
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30 Jun 17
Of melting snow, "falling horsetails" and a pyramid
The first time I saw the Horsetail Falls, I wasn't all that impressed. Due to the drought then and the late season, the waterfall had nothing but a tiny bit of water trickling down from the Desolation Valley. The current situation with record amounts of melting snow should give the falls a much more impressive character. In...
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23 Jun 17
Leave it or ski Leavitt?
In Northern California we had an unusually long lasting period of very hot weather for more than a week now. The high temperatures were up to 110°F (43°C)! Luckily where we live, we have two options to flee the heat, we either go to the Pacific Coast where temperatures are always cool even during the hottest days in the summer,...
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26 Mai 17
Round Top from NE - Elephants Back
I had plenty of real life views and took many many pictures of Round Top in the last few weeks. Due to the massive amounts of snow this area got during this winter, I thought of an approach to the top from northeast. I did not find any reports in the www about such a line, but judging from my inspection last week from the top and...
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19 Mai 17
Round Top via Crescent Moon Couloir
If I had to name "my favorite peak" in my new home, it would have to be Round Top. Not only because I have been on top of it 3 times already, but also because it offers quite a few interesting routes, in summer and winter and with it's >10000ft altitude a very nice view as well. One of the little more adventurous routes to the...
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