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↑700 m↓700 m   T5 II  
3 Oct 14
Ebbetts - and Reynolds Peak - fun scrambling on a warm and sunny fall day
During my hike to Hawkins - and Pickett Peak, I saw a very interesting looking mountain somewhat south of me. At home I checked out udeuschle and found out that my newly declared goal was Reynolds Peak. After checking Bob Burds pages, I knew it would be an interesting scramble, in particular the last part all the way to the top....
Published by 360 10 October 2014, 17h45 (Photos:22 | Geodata:1)
↑1250 m↓1250 m   PD- II  
20 Sep 14
Mount Agassiz - Main course in the Palisades
An altitude of 4000m is not really something which is important in a country where people measure the height of the mountains in feet. Who cares if a mountain is more or less than 13123.36 feet? According to this list California has 122 peaks with a prominence >300 feet, which are above 4000m, more than the Alps. And who wants...
Published by 360 25 September 2014, 01h49 (Photos:24 | Comments:3 | Geodata:1)
↑800 m↓800 m   T4+ II  
19 Sep 14
Hurd Peak - Warm-up and appetizer in the Evolution Range
My fitness has somewhat suffered since I moved to California (I sit in cars too often ;-). So for my first hiking day on this extended WE near Bishop, I put something not too strenuous on my want-to-climb list. It should also help to acclimatise to the altitude for the main course on the next day. Today I wanted to climb Hurd Peak...
Published by 360 25 September 2014, 00h54 (Photos:24 | Geodata:1)
7:00↑1000 m↓1000 m   T2  
15 Sep 14
Rainbow Falls - Auf der Suche nach dem Bär
Man hat uns einen Bären versprochen. Naja - also zumindest heißt es, in dieser Gegen seien Bären vor Kurzem gesichtet worden und man solle besonders vorsichtig sein. Der Park-Service hat deshalb auch extra einen Shelter geschlossen. Kurzer Test, ob die Signalpfeife am Rucksack geht. Im Zweifel muss die als Bear-Defender...
Published by ossi86 20 November 2014, 20h11 (Photos:11)
3:00↑150 m↓150 m   T1  
14 Sep 14
Abraham Falls im Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Am nörlichen Ende des Nationalparks in den Ausläufen der Great Smoky kann man - typisch amerikanisch - einen "Loop" mit dem Auto fahren und aus dem Auto heraus versuchen Tiere zu beobachten. Wer sich, ganz europäisch, doch noch traut ein paar Schritte zu Fuß zu gehen, der nimmt die Abraham Falls in Angriff. Zugegeben, es waren...
Published by ossi86 15 November 2014, 10h57 (Photos:3)
↑800 m↓800 m   T3  
12 Sep 14
Mount Rose and Church Peak - an easy hike to some high peaks at Lake Tahoe
A. a friend visiting from Switzerland wanted to go hiking with me. His goal was to climb a high peak with a good view and it shouldn't be difficult, but a marked trail. I suggested Mount Rose with the option to also do a little side tour to the close by Church Peak. There's no marked path up to Church Peak, but judging from the...
Published by 360 25 September 2014, 00h27 (Photos:11 | Geodata:1)
↑500 m↓500 m   T5- II  
29 Aug 14
Black Butte and 4th of July Peak: "hike and fish"
When I stood on Round Top and looked down towards Caples Lake I saw this interesting little volcanic fellow. At home I looked up what it was and immediately put "Black Butte" on my wish list. It would perfectly do for a short little scramble when I didn't have a full day for hiking at my disposal. On the webpages of Bob Burd I...
Published by 360 24 September 2014, 01h28 (Photos:20 | Comments:1 | Geodata:5)
8 days    T5+  
10 Aug 14
Meine Traumtour: 8 Tage solo durch die Brooks Range (Gates Of The Arctic National Park)
Der Gates Of The Arctic National Park liegt rund 200km nördlich des Polarkreises, ist beinahe so gross wie die Schweiz und bietet vor allem etwas: Unberührte Wildnis. Weder Strassen noch offizielle Wanderwege führen in und durch das Gebiet in der Brooks Range - Kurz: Ein Paradies. Hinweis: Ich versuchte das Volumen dieses...
Published by Mistermai 22 August 2014, 15h00 (Photos:35 | Comments:5 | Geodata:1)
8 days    T5+  
10 Aug 14
Meine Traumtour: 8 Tage solo durch die Brooks Range TEIL II
Dies ist eine Fortsetzung dieses Tourenberichts Tag 5 (6. Aug) - Ein ereignisreicher Tag am Apoon Mountain An diesem Morgen liess ich mein Camp stehen und machte mich mit einem leichten Rucksack auf den Weg, Apoon Mountain zu besteigen. direkt von meinem Camp auf rund 1'100müm ging's steil nach oben und nach kurzer Zeit war...
Published by Mistermai 22 August 2014, 15h00 (Photos:30 | Comments:7 | Geodata:1)
↑1050 m↓1150 m   T5 III  
8 Aug 14
Mount Price and Agassiz - Crystal Range re-visited
After my first outing after moving to California to Pyramid Peak, I already new I would come back and revisit the Crystal Range in the Desolation Wilderness. The view from Pyramid Peak to Mount Agassiz and Mount Price (here) sparked my interest. Friends who visited from Switzerland wanted to go and do some scrambling in the...
Published by 360 24 September 2014, 00h18 (Photos:15 | Geodata:1)