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6 days ↑2750 m   T3  
5 Jun 14
Trekking a 100k in Yosemite's Wilderness
Wilderness - the often discussed and disputet term means "a natural environment that has not been significantly modified by civilized human activity". These areas have been fascinating to me, even more since the Alps don't have any "real" Wilderness areas. To get a taste of the Wilderness concept(that goes back to pioneers as the...
Published by Alpin_Rise 18 December 2014, 18h32 (Photos:40 | Comments:5)
↑1600 m↓1600 m   T4+ F I  
4 Jun 14
Matterhorn Peak - a "Sierra-Nevada-Must-Climb" for two Swiss
Matterhorn Peak was one of the very first mountains which I put on my Sierra Nevada "to-do-list", even before I moved to California. A mountain with such a legendary name is a must for a Swiss and in addition the routes to its top seemed quite interesting. It seems like every mountain range on this planet has to have some peaks...
Published by 360 3 August 2014, 20h13 (Photos:32 | Comments:4 | Geodata:1)
↑800 m↓800 m   T6- III  
28 May 14
Emerald Point - Sierra Nevada warm-up for USAlpin_Rise
After Alpin_Rise arrived in California, we (obviously) started talking about potential goals for a hike. His 3 wishes for this weeks Wednesday outing were: 1. to get some scrambling in, 2. not too much of an altitude difference and 3. if possible some snow for sliding down the mountain. Still being a California novice myself, the...
Published by 360 10 June 2014, 02h21 (Photos:14 | Comments:1 | Geodata:1)
2:30↑320 m↓320 m   T2  
21 May 14
Über den Nounou East Trail auf den Sleeping Giant
Heute steht eine Wanderung im Osten von Kauai auf dem Programm. Der Parkplatz am Trail ist bereits gut gefüllt, als wir gegen 9:30 Uhr ankommen. Von hier aus hat man bereits einen schönen Blick auf das Ziel. Los geht's auf einem stetig ansteigenden Pfad, meist durch Tropen-Wald mit interessanten Bäumen und Blumen. Schon bald...
Published by Margit 7 June 2014, 16h32 (Photos:8)
4:30   T2  
19 May 14
Rundtour am Waimea Canyon
Auf Kauai führt unsere erste Tour zum Waimea Canyon. Er wird als der kleine Bruder des Grand Canyon bezeichnet. Ich habe zwar keinen Vergleich, da ich den großen Bruder nicht kenne, aber meiner Meinung nach braucht sich der kleine Bruder keineswegs zu verstecken, ganz im Gegenteil. Da wir kein Fahrzeug mit 4WD haben, starten...
Published by Margit 21 May 2014, 10h52 (Photos:9)
3:00   T1  
15 May 14
Ka'ena Point, das nord-westliche Ende von Oahu
Die heutige Küstenwanderung ist die Hitzeschlacht schlechthin. Dass hier keine Bäume stehen, war ja zu erwarten. Die Sonne brennt gnadenlos. Aber ganz untypisch für einen Weg direkt am Meer vorbei ist es hier fast windstill. Trotzdem laufen wir los, stets in nord-westlicher Richtung. Der Trail ist eine Jeep-Piste, zumindest ein...
Published by Margit 7 June 2014, 21h47 (Photos:7)
3:30↑535 m↓535 m   T2  
14 May 14
Kuli'ou'ou Ridge Trail auf Oahu
Heute geht's an unsere 1. Wanderung auf Hawaii / Oahu. Wir haben uns einen Trail mit dem klangvollen Namen Kuli'ou'ou Ridge Trail ausgesucht. Mit dem Auto fahren wir zum Trailhead. Dieser befindet sich ca. 15 km östlich von Waikiki. Der Pfad steigt zu Anfang gemäßigt an, läuft komplett durch den Wald und ist mit zahlreichen...
Published by Margit 15 May 2014, 12h06 (Photos:7)
↑1000 m↓1000 m   T5 II  
7 May 14
Old Man Mountain - exploring the "Tunnel" on a very long but interesting hike
After I looked at Old Man Mountain on the US topo map, I was wondering why there was a "Tunnel" clearly indicated as such in its south flank at an altitude of approximately 6700 ft. After doing some research and asking a friend, all I found out was that it probably is connected to the former mining activity at the Carlisle Mine at...
Published by 360 9 May 2014, 17h33 (Photos:24 | Geodata:1)
↑1050 m↓1050 m   T4 F PD+  
30 Apr 14
Squaw Peak, Emigrant Crag and Granite Chief - probably my last ski tour of the 2013/14 season
Last weekend the Sierra Nevada got about 8 inches of fresh snow and even though the past winter had only way below average snow, I fancied doing another ski tour before the snow definitely melts. As my goals I chose a few peaks in the vicinity of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort (which is closed for the season). The fact that the...
Published by 360 2 May 2014, 01h33 (Photos:16 | Geodata:1)
↑950 m↓950 m   T6 II WT3  
23 Apr 14
Thimble Peak - A True Sierra Gem
On my tour to Thunder Mountain at the beginning of January, I peeked over to Thimble Peak and noted it as an interesting project in this area. After reading up on it on summitpost and Bob Burd's page, I knew that getting to it's highest point wouldn't be easy. After Thimble Peak I also planned to visit the Covered Wagon Peak...
Published by 360 25 April 2014, 05h34 (Photos:22 | Comments:3 | Geodata:1)