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↑2200 m   T5 PD- I  
30 Jun 14
Mount Shasta - the "big one" in Northern California
There's just one mountain in Northern California. At least one big mountain. The huge volcanic cone of Mt. Shasta can be seen from almost every place between Sacramento and the border to Oregon. Since the Mountain's base is at a mere 1000 m (~3000 ft) any climb on Mt. Shasta is strenous with a huge height gain. The regular route...
Published by Alpin_Rise 24 October 2014, 16h50 (Photos:27 | Comments:1)
4:00↑450 m↓450 m   T4 I  
28 Jun 14
Angels Landing (1765m), Zion National Park, Utah, USA
Auf unserer Reise mit dem Auto ging es weiter von Texas Richtung Norden nach Arizona und weiter nach Utah. Hier in Utah ist der Zion Nationalpark. Dieser Park besteht aus riesigen Schluchten mit geschliffenen Felsen in Rot- und Weisstönen. Die schiere Grösse der Canyons lässt einem erstaunen und macht definitiv Lust zum...
Published by padmanaba 30 June 2014, 05h52 (Photos:12)
5:30↑1000 m↓1000 m   T4 II  
22 Jun 14
Emory Peak, 2385m, Big Bend N.P., Texas, USA
Mit dem Mietauto fuhren wir von Miami Florida durch halb Amerika in den Bundesstaat Texas und weiter runter an die Grenze zu Mexiko. Ein Freund hat uns den Nationalpark Big Bend im tiefen Süden von Texas empfohlen. Dieser südliche Teil von Texas ist sehr trocken und heiss. Der Park besteht vorallem aus Gestein, durchsetzt...
Published by padmanaba 25 June 2014, 01h43 (Photos:6)
↑750 m   T5 IV  
21 Jun 14
Praising the Sierra's holy rock: Cathedral Peak & Eichorns Pinnacle
Toulumne Meadows is the second climbing gem in the Yosemite National Park. As soon as it gets too hot to climb down in the celebrated Valley, Tuolumne offers cooler spots due to its high Elevation around 9000 ft (~3000m). The only hard thing about it may be the pronunciation of "Tuolumne", all the rest is pretty easy going: The...
Published by Alpin_Rise 31 August 2014, 19h57 (Photos:36 | Comments:5)
3 days    T3 F  
20 Jun 14
Mt. Dana 3981m & Mt. Whitney 4421m
Drei Tage weg von der Arbeit, drei Tage weg von der Zivilisation, drei Tage ohne Handyempfang, drei Tage nicht duschen, drei Tage in den Bergen sein. Weit weg von zu Hause. Auf dem Weg zum höchsten Berg der Sierra Nevada und dem höchsten Berg der zusammenhänhgenden USA...dem Mount Whitney! Der Mount Whitney ist mit 4421m der...
Published by Vauacht 28 June 2014, 22h46 (Photos:48 | Comments:15 | Geodata:3)
2 days ↑2200 m↓2200 m   T5- PD- II  
18 Jun 14
Mount Whitney - Mountaineer's Route (Plus)
Mount Whitney is one of the most popular mountains in the US, most likely due to the fact that it is the highest point in the contiguous US and it has some rather easy paths to it's summit. It is so popular that the government decided to regulate the access and only allow a certain number of people per day to climb it. This would...
Published by 360 11 August 2014, 23h18 (Photos:40 | Comments:4 | Geodata:2)
34 days 22:59   T3  
16 Jun 14
Appalachian Trail
Mount Katahdin (Maine) nach Harpers Ferry (West Virginia). ca. 2000km.
Published by malinois 11 September 2014, 21h58 (Comments:4)
↑1500 m   T5 V- F  
15 Jun 14
Following the Snake: Dike climbing on Half Dome
Climbing Half Dome is a dream for almost everyone visiting the Yosemite Valley. Once you see that incredible granite monolithe from the right perspective, the question "why?" is already answered. "Climbing" Half Dome means to most people standing in a line for the (in)famous regular route via "the calbes" - if you were lucky...
Published by Alpin_Rise 17 November 2014, 20h37 (Photos:40 | Comments:4)
↑600 m↓600 m   T4+  
11 Jun 14
Of black buttes and a flat tire
Originally I wanted to climb the Black Buttes on my way back from Old Man Mountain, about a month ago. However, on that day I ran out of time and had to skip these interesting looking peaks. During the summer, a dirt road - which is not too bad, even for low clearance cars - takes you rather close to the summits of the Black...
Published by 360 5 August 2014, 02h47 (Photos:12 | Geodata:2)
6 days ↑2750 m   T3  
5 Jun 14
Trekking a 100k in Yosemite's Wilderness
Wilderness - the often discussed and disputet term means "a natural environment that has not been significantly modified by civilized human activity". These areas have been fascinating to me, even more since the Alps don't have any "real" Wilderness areas. To get a taste of the Wilderness concept(that goes back to pioneers as the...
Published by Alpin_Rise 18 December 2014, 18h32 (Photos:40 | Comments:5)