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↑1600 m↓1600 m   T5+ II  
19 Feb 14
Mount Diablo - or - that's why they call it the "Thicket of the Devil"
Mount Diablo, the "center peace" of Mount Diablo State Park is an isolated peak which is visible from most of the San Francisco Bay Area and much of northern California. It's "only" 3557 feet high (1178m) but has a remarkable visual prominence. On a clear day one can see many of the Sierra peaks, a lot of the Central Valley and of...
Published by 360 21 February 2014, 18h00 (Photos:28 | Geodata:1)
2:45↑500 m↓500 m   T2  
17 Feb 14
Mt. Monadnock (965m) in winter
[Deutsch siehe unten] For this hike, one could almost give a mountaneering grading. Even if the peak is not even 1000m high, in winter the conditions on Mt. Monadnock are actually similar to what you would expect on a 3500er in the Alps, except for crevasses and altitude sickness. We join Will and Bill on their weekly ascent...
Published by felixbavaria 20 February 2014, 02h58 (Photos:5)
6:00↑600 m↓600 m   WT2  
15 Feb 14
A failed attempt to climb Mt. Isolation (4003 ft) in winter
[Deutsch siehe unten] Climbing a mountain that is far, far away not only from Boston but also far away from the trailhead (14 miles round trip), in winter, after aptly named snowstorm "Pax" pacified the region by dropping 18 inches (50 cm) of snow? Well it might not have been the best idea, but at least it was a very...
Published by felixbavaria 19 February 2014, 01h30 (Photos:4)
↑600 m↓600 m   PD+  
12 Feb 14
Echo Peak - Backcountry Skiing in the Desolation Wilderness
When I left the house in the morning my plan was to do a ski tour to Ralston Peak. However, on site the avalanche conditions on the Northern slopes of Ralston Peak seemed unsafe. Therefore, I decided to visit Echo Peak instead. The danger for avalanches was predicted to be "Moderate", but after I saw a small avalanche, it didn't...
Published by 360 14 February 2014, 04h57 (Photos:16 | Geodata:1)
↑800 m↓800 m   WT4  
5 Feb 14
Silver- and Poulsen Peak - Snowshoe Hike near the Olympic Valley
Squaw Valley was the host site of the Winter Olympics in 1960 (click). Today it's one of the largest ski resorts in the USA. If you're willing to pay a whopping 114$ for a day pass you can enjoy about 3600 acres of ski areas. If you're not really into those things like me, there is also the possibility to climb mountains in the...
Published by 360 6 February 2014, 20h59 (Photos:10 | Geodata:1)
5:00↑820 m↓820 m   T2  
1 Feb 14
Mt. Cabot (4160ft / 1268m) - the northernmost 4000 footer in New Hampshire
[Deutsch siehe unten] Mt. Cabot is the northernmost 4000-footer in New Hampshire. Despite its relative remoteness and the restricted views, it seems to be a rather popular destination. Admittedly, it is an ideal winter hike peak that can be climbed even in unfavourable weather conditions because the trail is sheltered by trees...
Published by felixbavaria 3 February 2014, 00h21 (Photos:7)
29 Jan 14
Walking "in" Folsom Lake - Granite Bay
Folsom damn was built in 1955. The resulting lake was part of the "Folsom Project" for flood control, hydroelectricity, drinking water and water for irrigation. Most of what was "drowned" in 1955, has been submerged since then. Due to the present extreme drought in California, Folsom Lake is at a historically low level - about 100...
Published by 360 31 January 2014, 04h01 (Photos:4)
3:30↑200 m↓200 m   T1  
26 Jan 14
Middlesex Fells Reservation, Skyline Trail
What to do if the weather forecast is -60° windchill on the White Mountain summits? One can explore the (more or less) hidden jewels of the Greater Boston area, such as the Middlesex Fells Reservation. The Skyline Trail is not remotely as popular as its namesake in the Blue Hills, although it offers more or less the same type of...
Published by felixbavaria 18 February 2014, 00h24 (Photos:1)
↑1300 m↓1300 m   T4- I  
19 Jan 14
Robinson Peak and Sawmill Ridge - more snow than expected
My plan on this day was to climb Sawmill Ridge and Robinson Peak, they are both north of Twin Lakes (Mono County). I chose these peaks due to the fact, that they have steep south facing flanks, where the little snow which the Sierra got this season should have melted away again in order to allow the ascent without any 'snow-toys'....
Published by 360 21 January 2014, 19h32 (Photos:15 | Geodata:1)
↑100 m↓100 m   T3  
18 Jan 14
Mono Lake and Panum Crater - visiting a truly unique place in the Sierra Nevada
As Delta showed not too long ago the Mono Lake Basin is definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in California. It was on my to-do list even before I moved here. As a "local" it is now "just around the corner" (for US standards only!). On this weekend I combined the trip to Mono Lake with a hike to the nearby Robinson Peak and...
Published by 360 21 January 2014, 19h31 (Photos:17 | Comments:6 | Geodata:2)