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1:30↑60 m↓60 m   T1  
25 Jun 16
Battlefiled Trail
An der Grenze zwischen North und South Carolina liegt unweit von Charlotte der Kings Mountain State Park und den angrenzenden Kings Mountain National Military Park. Hier wurde Geschichte geschrieben. Beschreibung: Ich folgen dem gut bezeichneten Battlefield Trail. Auf der Webseite des Nationalparksfindest Du Karten und...
Published by joe 25 July 2016, 20h24 (Photos:5 | Geodata:1)
↑800 m↓800 m   T5- II  
24 Jun 16
Little Pyramid - the "unnamed" beauty
During my hike last week I saw a mountain which caught my attention. To my surprise, after consulting the USGS topo map, I found out that it didn't have a name on any map, even though it is quite a prominent peak with a topographical prominence to its neighbor (Mount Agassiz) of at least 450 ft. However, according to...
Published by 360 9 August 2016, 14h24 (Photos:20 | Geodata:1)
6:00↑600 m↓600 m   T2  
20 Jun 16
Yosemite Mist Trail - John Muir Trail
Hiking without any alpine challenges in an environment of amazing beauty. Especially the views of Silver Apron and at the foot of Nevada Fall are exceptional and the photos probably worth sharing.
Published by Michael26 3 July 2016, 17h36 (Photos:4)
↑750 m↓750 m   T4 I  
17 Jun 16
Becker Peak - Talking Mountiain - Ralston Peak
Ralston Peak is a popular mountain in the Desolation Wilderness which is typically and often climbed from the trailhead close to Highway 50 near Camp Sacramento. However, my goal was to climb it via East Ridge from Echo Lake and also bag Becker Peak and Talking Mountain on the way up. For my way down I planned to take the...
Published by 360 9 August 2016, 03h01 (Photos:29 | Geodata:1)
↑750 m↓750 m   T3  
3 Jun 16
Signal Peak
Signal Peak wasn't exactly the prime peak on my todo list. I didn't expect too much of this mountain with little prominence, close to the highway, telecommunication installations on top and no apparent 'interesting' route to it's peak. However, my current fitness level and some minor health issues kind of forced me to look for an...
Published by 360 9 August 2016, 02h03 (Photos:17 | Geodata:1)
↑600 m↓600 m   T4+ PD  
16 May 16
First (and Last) Ski Tour of the season 2015/2016: Round Top
The two main conclusions from my hike a few days ago were: "There is plenty of snow on the Northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a ski tour and I need to improve my fitness" helped me decide on what to do on this day: A ski tour with only little altitude gain on the northern slopes of Round Top. Since I hiked Round...
Published by 360 7 August 2016, 23h00 (Photos:12 | Geodata:1)
↑600 m↓600 m   T5- II  
13 May 16
Castle Peak - A disillusioning fitness test
After a very long break from "real" mountains, I wanted to find out how bad my fitness was. During the past 8 months I did almost nothing which would have helped my fitness. Working "as a contractor" and not really doing any cardio exercise made me wonder how much altitude gain was still possible for me. In order to find out, I...
Published by 360 7 August 2016, 19h35 (Photos:10 | Geodata:1)
10 May 16
Le rocce rosse di Sedona
Ultima tappa: Sedona! In questa splendida e ordinatissima cittadina, che per la sua eleganza ci ha fatto ricordare la nostra Cortina d'Ampezzo, ci fermiamo due giorni nella speranza di poter fare qualche escursione degna di tale nome. Già arrivando da Flagstaff abbiamo potuto ammirare gruppi montuosi di notevole...
Published by patripoli 16 May 2016, 21h53 (Photos:16 | Comments:8 | Geodata:2)
↑120 m↓120 m   T1  
4 May 16
Nella terra degli gnomi....
Siamo ancora nella terra dei "rossi", anche se un po' meno entusiasmanti dei precedenti. La troppa bellezza dei giorni passati ci ha viziato i sensi.... Nonostante ciò, i posti visitati oggi si sono dimostrati ancora all'altezza delle aspettative, rivelando il solito fascino quasi primordiale, in netto contrasto con le...
Published by patripoli 5 May 2016, 06h14 (Photos:18 | Comments:4 | Geodata:1)
↑250 m↓250 m   T1  
2 May 16
Rosso Utah....
Da alcuni giorni siamo negli Stati Uniti.... La meraviglia di questo paese è che si possono soddisfare i propri desideri di bellezza anche girando in auto. Il solo viaggio di andata verso Moab da Farmington, ci ha riservato talmente tante esaltanti sorprese da giustificare i km percorsi. Si susseguono uno dopo l'altro...
Published by patripoli 3 May 2016, 07h37 (Photos:19 | Comments:15 | Geodata:1)