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↑900 m↓900 m   T4 I  
7 Sep 18
There are only a few peaks left around Lake Tahoe which I haven't stood on top yet. Monument - and East Peak are two of them. The main reason why I haven't been there was the fact that they are within a ski resort: Heavenly. Since there are several gondolas which take you almost to the top of these peaks, I wasn't too keen on...
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↑950 m↓950 m   T3  
31 Aug 18
Freel Peak and Jobs Sister - "Sandy beach feeling" high up there
This hike is more or less a repeat of Freel Peak and Jobs Sister with a slightly different way back down to the Horse Meadow. I start my hike shortly after 8 AM and walk along the well maintained trail to Armstrong Pass, there I take a right and follow the Tahoe Rim Trail to the saddle northwest of Freel Peak and then up to El...
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↑700 m↓700 m   T5 II  
24 Aug 18
Castle Peak - The southeast ridge is way more of an adventure than expected
A friend recently told me about Frog Lake near Castle Peak and how beautiful it is. After doing some www-research about the lake, I found out that it (and it's surroundings) is still privately owned by a family, but will be purchased by Truckee Donner Land Trust and made publicly available in 2020. To get a glimpse of this gem, I...
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6:45↑1500 m↓1500 m   T3  
11 Aug 18
La montagna al contrario. Gran Canyon
Il Gran Canyon del fiume Colorado è una delle manifestazioni geoogiche più straordinarie dell'intero pianeta; l'innalzamento dell'Altopiano del Colorado ben oltre i 2000 metri ha costretto il fiume a scavarsi il proprio letto sempre più in profondità, creando un canyon di quasi 500 chilometri di lunghezza e profondo fino a...
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7:00↑1000 m↓1000 m   T3  
18 Jun 18
Decalibron - 3 x 4000 in den Rockies
In den Rocky Mountains nahe Denver/CO haben Wanderer die Qual der Wahl, was Touren in Gebieten über 4000m angeht. Hier stehen viele der sog. Colorado-14ers, also Berge über 14000 Fuß Seehöhe. Viele davon sind bergsteigerisch einfach und kaum mehr als T2-Bergwanderungen. Man sollte allerdings die große Höhe und die Länge...
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↑1250 m↓1250 m   T3+ I  
15 Jun 18
Pyramid Peak via Rocky Canyon
The general setup was more or less the same as last week, not too much time for an extended hike so something with little ramp-up time was needed. Since I also didn't have time to prepare any new hikes I just decided to go back to Pyramid Peak once again. In order to make sure I would reach my goal on this day, I didn't only start...
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5:00↑500 m↓500 m   T4  
14 Jun 18
Medicine Bow Peak (3639m)
Auf der Rückfahrt vom Yellowstone-Nationalpark nach Denver wollte ich auch unterwegs noch ein paar Bergtouren machen, was allerdings nicht ganz einfach zu organisieren war, da viele höhere Touren in den Gebirgen südlich des Nationalparks (z.B. Gannett Peak, 4210m) noch zu verschneit waren, und/oder man ein Zelt, etc.,...
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↑900 m↓900 m   T4+ II  
8 Jun 18
Horsetail Falls and P. 8844
Today I had some commitments in the evening and had to be back early. Therefore, I chose a hike with a relatively short drive. I also wanted to check out my original plan from here, the south-southeast ridge to Pyramid Peak. Turns out my plans were a little too ambitious to reach Pyramid Peak in time, but I made it to P.8844 and...
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3:45↑550 m↓550 m   T3+ II  
4 Jun 18
Black Elk Peak (2207m) - Wandern unter den Augen von Präsidenten
Hikr-Erstbericht aus einer im deutschsprachigen Raum wohl kaum bekannten Gegend der USA, den Black Hills in South Dakota. Die Black Hills sind ein bewaldetes,starkfelsdurchsetztesMittelgebirge auf knapp über 2000m Höhe. Eher bekannt sind sie durch den Touristenmagnetdes Mount-Rushmore-Memorial. Devil's Tower im benachbarten...
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31 Mai 18
  rojosuiza gerät in Lebensgefahr! Wer oder was ist schuld daran? Ist es der amerikanische Held Trump? Bedroht ihn der Waldbrand? Sind es kalifornische Polizeikugeln oder ein wildgewordener Landbesitzer? Zu nennen wäre auch noch der landansässige Puma oder der sagenhafte Burbanker Braunbär. Aber greifen wir nicht...
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