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3:00↑549 m↓549 m   T2  
13 May 15
Cuyamaca Peak
Reached the Paso Picacho campground at 4pm. Left $8 in an envelop at the entrance for parking in the day use area. Found the Lookout Road after walking through the campground, and followed it up to the top. On the way down, I took the Conejos Trail to Azalea Springs and back to the campground. The trail junctions were all well...
Published by ejain 15 May 2015, 21h24 (Photos:6 | Geodata:1)
↑1200 m↓1200 m   T3  
17 Apr 15
Tinker Knob - at last (almost didn't make it a third time)
This was already my third attempt to get to the top of Tinker Knob. Even though there are no real technical difficulties to get to the highest point of Tinker Knob, I managed to miss this goal twice already. One attempt failed last December when I started at Goose Meadows Campground (on 89). The idea was to walk up the ridge on...
Published by 360 23 April 2015, 05h29 (Photos:19 | Geodata:1)
1:30↑10 m↓10 m   T1  
4 Apr 15
Seattle's Skyline
In Seattle gibt es 2 Orte von denen man die Skyline besonders gut sehen kann: Kerry Park im Norden von Seattle und Alki Beach in West Seattle. Da es beim Alki Beach Radwege und Fussgängerwege direkt am Pazifik gibt war die Wahl für mich klar. Am ersten sonnigen Nachmittag ging ich bei der Seacrest Marina los Richtung Alki Beach....
Published by SCM 8 April 2015, 05h08 (Photos:16 | Geodata:1)
↑950 m↓950 m   T2  
3 Apr 15
Sierra Buttes - A hike, a Black Bear and a Lunar Eclipse
When I saw the peak of Sierra Buttes last year it was immediately added to my Sierra goals. When looking up some non-standard routes to it's top I couldn't really find any useful information. However, judging from the US topo map there should be plenty of "interesting options" to get to the highest point. Most people who visit...
Published by 360 5 April 2015, 01h08 (Photos:24 | Geodata:1)
1:30↑152 m↓152 m   T1  
31 Mar 15
Cascade Falls
Left the car at the Inspiration Point viewpoint, and walked through the closed campground to the trailhead. The trail to the falls was short and easy (though a bit rocky in places). Near the end, the trail isn't obvious (the ground is covered in granite slabs, and people go in all directions), but you can climb down some rocks to...
Published by ejain 6 April 2015, 08h32 (Photos:4 | Geodata:1)
6:00↑1067 m↓1067 m   T2  
30 Mar 15
Mount Tallac
Left the car at the pullout on the north side of Hwy 89, past the (still gated) Spring Creek Rd, and walked to the end of Spring Creek Rd. Couldn't find an obvious trail, and turned back when after half an hour of bushwacking a view up along the winter route showed nothing but more of the same, and not a speck of snow. Next, I...
Published by ejain 6 April 2015, 08h04 (Photos:4 | Geodata:1)
4:30↑305 m↓305 m   T1  
29 Mar 15
Rubicon Trail
Left the car at the gated entrance to D.L. Bliss State Park, and walked down the road (with some shortcuts) to the trailhead. Followed the trail to the boat campground at Emerald Bay. The first mile or so didn't have much views, but the rest more than made up for that. Encountered quite a few people on the trail; must get very...
Published by ejain 6 April 2015, 08h20 (Photos:4 | Geodata:1)
↑850 m↓850 m   T5 II  
27 Mar 15
Devils Peak and Snow Mountain - a short-lived item on my Sierra Nevada to-do list
Last week I added a mountain to my Sierra to-do list. Looking west from the top of Donner Peak, Devils Peak caught my attention. This week I can report that this to-do is already completed. After searching the net about Devils Peak, I found out on Bob Burd's site and on, that climbing this mountain was...
Published by 360 29 March 2015, 20h34 (Photos:21 | Geodata:1)
↑950 m↓950 m   T3 WT3  
20 Mar 15
From Donner Pass to Benson Ski Hut, via Donner Peak, Mount Judah and Mount Lincoln
Today I had rather ambitious plans: almost 20 miles of distance and 4000 ft altitude gain. Depending on the snow situation some of the hike would have had to be done on snowshoes as well. The plan was to walk from Donner Pass to Tinker Knob & back and on the way to Tinker Knob bag the 4 peaks which are somewhat on the way...
Published by 360 24 March 2015, 14h49 (Photos:16 | Geodata:1)
↑1000 m↓1000 m   T3+ WT3  
13 Mar 15
Twin Peaks - snowshoe hike to the Tahoe summit with a famous name
"Twin Peaks" is probably known best as the fictional Washington town from the famous American television serial drama of the same name. A lot of people probably also heard about San Francisco's "Twin Peaks", the two hills near the geographic center of the city. I doubt a whole lot of people know the "Twin Peaks" in the Tahoe area,...
Published by 360 16 March 2015, 20h45 (Photos:17 | Geodata:1)