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↑250 m↓250 m   T2  
26 Mar 14
Hidden Falls Regional Park - lots of blooming flowers and wonderful wildlife
Hidden Falls Regional Park is a popular local recreation area. It offers 30 miles of natural surface trails suitable for hiking, running, biking and horseback riding. I explored about a third of the trails on this rainy day in Northern California and saw lots of beautiful flowers and wildlife. The Park Map at the parking lot shows...
Published by 360 27 March 2014, 19h32 (Photos:15 | Geodata:1)
↑1000 m↓1000 m   T1 PD+  
19 Mar 14
Mount Tallac, a classic ski tour in the Tahoe area - I encountered some obstacles
Mount Tallac is a favorite destination for Tahoe’s backcountry ski crowd and it's also popular with boarders. According to some sources it's actually rated one of the "top 10" backcountry skiing destinations in the US. My plan to get to the top via N-Ridge (which used to be the standard) and ski down the NE bowl had to be...
Published by 360 20 March 2014, 23h09 (Photos:15 | Geodata:1)
5:00↑1150 m↓1150 m   T2  
8 Mar 14
Spring hike in Yosemite NP: Yosemite Point (2114m) and Castle Cliffs (2250m)
Another mandatory part of the California tourist program is to go to Yosemite National Park. In spring, it's not that crowded, the waterfalls are most impressive, and in the past winter, there has not been much snow, so let's go! A hike that is suitable if you only have 1 day and have to drive back the same day, leads to...
Published by felixbavaria 14 March 2014, 17h31 (Photos:38 | Comments:2)
3:00↑220 m↓220 m   T1  
7 Mar 14
Hawk Hill (275m), Golden Gate National Recreation Area
[Deutsch siehe unten] On a San Francisco trip, visiting the Golden Gate Bridge is obviously a must. Most tourists just drive to the south end, take a few pictures, and maybe walk up to the first leg of the bridge. Others cross the bridge on a bike tour, and a third group takes the car across the bridge and drives up to Hawk...
Published by felixbavaria 13 March 2014, 22h06 (Photos:25 | Comments:2)
7:00↑1400 m↓1400 m   T2  
6 Mar 14
Mt. Diablo (3849ft / 1178m) in spring
Sun and fun in California Escaping from the polar vortex to California, we were looking for a non-technical day hike near our homebase in the SF Bay Area. Mt. Diablo seemed like a perfect destination. Although the peak is not even 1200m high, it allows for a nice peak bagging loop with around 1400m of elevation gain. Fellow...
Published by felixbavaria 12 March 2014, 17h40 (Photos:19 | Comments:2)
↑1600 m↓1600 m   T5+ II  
19 Feb 14
Mount Diablo - or - that's why they call it the "Thicket of the Devil"
Mount Diablo, the "center peace" of Mount Diablo State Park is an isolated peak which is visible from most of the San Francisco Bay Area and much of northern California. It's "only" 3557 feet high (1178m) but has a remarkable visual prominence. On a clear day one can see many of the Sierra peaks, a lot of the Central Valley and of...
Published by 360 21 February 2014, 18h00 (Photos:28 | Geodata:1)
2:45↑500 m↓500 m   T2  
17 Feb 14
Mt. Monadnock (965m) in winter
[Deutsch siehe unten] For this hike, one could almost give a mountaneering grading. Even if the peak is not even 1000m high, in winter the conditions on Mt. Monadnock are actually similar to what you would expect on a 3500er in the Alps, except for crevasses and altitude sickness. We join Will and Bill on their weekly ascent...
Published by felixbavaria 20 February 2014, 02h58 (Photos:5)
5:00↑820 m↓820 m   T2  
1 Feb 14
Mt. Cabot (4160ft / 1268m) - the northernmost 4000 footer in New Hampshire
[Deutsch siehe unten] Mt. Cabot is the northernmost 4000-footer in New Hampshire. Despite its relative remoteness and the restricted views, it seems to be a rather popular destination. Admittedly, it is an ideal winter hike peak that can be climbed even in unfavourable weather conditions because the trail is sheltered by trees...
Published by felixbavaria 3 February 2014, 00h21 (Photos:7)
29 Jan 14
Walking "in" Folsom Lake - Granite Bay
Folsom damn was built in 1955. The resulting lake was part of the "Folsom Project" for flood control, hydroelectricity, drinking water and water for irrigation. Most of what was "drowned" in 1955, has been submerged since then. Due to the present extreme drought in California, Folsom Lake is at a historically low level - about 100...
Published by 360 31 January 2014, 04h01 (Photos:4)
3:30↑200 m↓200 m   T1  
26 Jan 14
Middlesex Fells Reservation, Skyline Trail
What to do if the weather forecast is -60° windchill on the White Mountain summits? One can explore the (more or less) hidden jewels of the Greater Boston area, such as the Middlesex Fells Reservation. The Skyline Trail is not remotely as popular as its namesake in the Blue Hills, although it offers more or less the same type of...
Published by felixbavaria 18 February 2014, 00h24 (Photos:1)