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5:30↑762 m↓762 m   T2  
18 Jun 17
Mount Verstovia
Drove past the trailhead off Sawmill Creek Rd on the first pass. There wasn't much space to park, but I managed to squeeze into an open spot. Followed the trail up to the "Picnic Rock" (which some guides call "Mt Verstovia", contrary to most maps)... The trail was steep, with plenty of roots and rocks, but in good condition,...
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↑650 m↓650 m   T3 WS-  
26 Mai 17
Round Top from NE - Elephants Back
I had plenty of real life views and took many many pictures of Round Top in the last few weeks. Due to the massive amounts of snow this area got during this winter, I thought of an approach to the top from northeast. I did not find any reports in the www about such a line, but judging from my inspection last week from the top and...
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↑600 m↓600 m   T4+ SS+  
19 Mai 17
Round Top via Crescent Moon Couloir
If I had to name "my favorite peak" in my new home, it would have to be Round Top. Not only because I have been on top of it 3 times already, but also because it offers quite a few interesting routes, in summer and winter and with it's >10000ft altitude a very nice view as well. One of the little more adventurous routes to the...
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↑600 m↓600 m   T2  
12 Mai 17
Twin Sisters (North) - Do not repeat this hike or you might end up in jail!
I actually wanted to do another ski tour on this day, but the weather forecast predicted snow fall for the Sierra Nevada over night and cloudy skies until noon. Therefore, I decided to do something in a coastal mountain range instead, where the weather was supposed to be very sunny. I didn't have much time to prepare a hike and...
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   T2 L  
5 Mai 17
Sacramento Bar Park / American River Parkway - Hike, Bike, Swim, Float and its Fauna & Flora
My current "extended back-yard" is the American River in Fair Oaks. The so-called Sacramento Bar Park is one of many parks which all together form the American River Parkway, Sacramento Region’s great recreational asset. The American River Parkway also includes a wonderful bike path along the Lower American River, from...
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9:30↑1400 m   T3  
18 Mär 17
Mauna Kea (4205 m)
Tra i tanti bischeri che vanno alle Hawaii, solo in pochi si rendono conto che è uno dei pochi posti sulla Terra dove puoi andare dal livello del mare a più di 4000 m in una manciata di km. Questo bischero invece lo sapeva, ed erano più di 10 anni che aspettava una scusa per tornarci. Mauna Kea è il punto più alto...
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9:30↑1402 m↓1402 m   T3  
18 Mär 17
Mauna Kea (13,802 ft)
Out of all of the dorks who travel to Hawaii, only a few realize that it's one of the few places where you can go from sea level to over 13,000 feet in under 50 miles. This dork knew that, and he waited to go back for over a decade. Mauna Kea is the high point of the whole archipelago and of the eponymous island, a.k.a. the Big...
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↑200 m↓200 m   T1  
30 Dez 16
Jacumba Hot Springs / Jacumba Peak
Jacumba is a small town right at the US/Mexican border, about 60 miles east of San Diego. It's known for the sulfur containing hot springs, which were most likely already used by the Kumeyaay people. The commercialization of the hot springs began in the early 20th century. In 1919 rail service connected Jacumba to San Diego and 6...
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0:15↑20 m↓20 m   T1  
29 Sep 16
Mount Soledad 251 m
Der Mount Soledad ist eine langestreckte Erhebung an der Küste nahe San Diego CA, welcher von einem riesigen Kreuz gekrönt wird. Um dieses Kreuz als christliches Symbol gab es langwierige Diskussionen samt Gerichtsverfahren, die erst nach Aufkauf der Liegenschaft um das Kreuz beendet werden konnten; siehe dazu den entsprechende...
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4:00↑650 m↓650 m   T2  
20 Sep 16
Avalanche Peak (3221 m) - Bergsteigen im Yellowstone Nationalpark
Yellowstone Nationalpark - dieser Begriff steht eigentlich für unendliche Wälder, blubbernde Geysire, Bisonherden und Bären. An seinem östlichen Rand erhebt sich aber die Absaroka Range, eine durchaus bemerkenswerte Berglandschaft mit Dreitausendern. Mit am besten erreichbar ist der Avalanche Peak, dem unser heutiges Interesse...
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