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4:30↑600 m↓600 m   T3  
24 Feb 14
High Street via Kidsty Pike
After one day in the Lakes and three days with the Leeds Uni Hiking Club in Scotland, this was to be the final day of my return to the UK. I had one more day of hiking planned in the Lake District, within a two hour drive from Manchester Airport, where I would take a plane back to Zürich in the evening. Eliot was joining me...
Published by Stijn 1 March 2014, 20h49 (Photos:9)
7:00↑750 m↓750 m   WT3  
22 Feb 14
Meall Lighiche
I lived in the UK for more than four years, I know that the weather can be bad. But this winter really is something else. It was already the wettest winter on record before last weekend, and unfortunately for me it couldn't stop there. Torrential rain, storm force winds, really bad snow conditions with high avalanche risk,...
Published by Stijn 1 March 2014, 17h07 (Photos:24 | Comments:1)
2:30↑350 m↓350 m   T2  
20 Feb 14
Aira Force and Gowbarrow Fell
I travelled back to the UK for five days last weekend. Three days with my favourite Leeds Uni Hiking Club in Glencoe in Scotland, and a day in the Lake District on either end. After landing in Manchester Airport on Wednesday evening, I made my way to Ambleside where I spent the night at the Walmar B&B.   A full...
Published by Stijn 27 February 2014, 20h23 (Photos:18)
2 days    T1  
1 Feb 14
Découvrir Londres à pied en 2 jours
En déplacement professionnel dans la capitale anglaise, que faire de mieux qu'ajouter un week-end ensoleillé pour découvrir la ville à pied? 1er jour: Le long de la Tamise, sur le sentier spécialement aménagé, loin des voitures, pour voir les principales attractions: les ponts, la roue, le palais et Soho. 2ème jour:...
Published by bergpfad73 8 March 2014, 15h04 (Photos:75 | Comments:1 | Geodata:2)
5:00↑510 m↓480 m   T2  
15 Dec 13
Ueberschreitung des Felsens von Gibraltar
Da ich im Dezember 2013 in Suedspanien war, konnte ich mir die Besteigung des Felsens von Gibraltar ja nicht entgehen lassen. Das Wetter war ganz OK zum Wandern: 15-20 Grad, leichter Wind und bewoelkt. Eigentlich so wie Grossbritannien im Sommer :-). Es gibt hier auf hikr ja schon einige Berichte, deswegen beschraenke ich mich nur...
Published by pame 13 January 2014, 08h08 (Photos:21 | Geodata:1)
3:15↑300 m↓300 m   T1  
30 Nov 13
Pembrokeshire National Park: Coast of Dreams
Unfortunately I didn't have all that time as one would love to have; nor did I have the through walking ambitions as our fellow Hikr Stephen. But the mythical coast of medieval fairy tales had been in my mind for a while. Even just a glimpse would be enough and be tempting for more... the place offers some of the best coastal...
Published by MicheleK 4 December 2013, 00h20 (Photos:21)
31 Oct 13
Aussicht bis nach Afrika: the rock
Von pika8x14 sehr gut beschrieben: Parken in La Linea, zu Fuß über die Grenze, mit dem Bus ins Stadtzentrum. Einzig auf die Fish and Chips haben wir verzichtet. In der Stadtmussten wir den zahlreichen Angeboten widerstehen, den Felsen mit dem Taxibus zu besuchen - eine Schnapsidee. Unsere Variante(hinauf mit der Seilbahn, bergab...
Published by Gherard 19 November 2013, 11h32 (Photos:8)
8 days    T3  
30 Oct 13
Auf Schottlands höchste Gipfel
Viel gesehen hatte ich dieses Jahr ja bereits. Aber viel Ferien bedeuten zum Glück viel Zeit für Urlaub :) Die Herbstferien boten nochmal Gelegenheit für eine schöne Tour. Bereits im Sommer entschieden wir uns, die schottischen Highlands zu bereisen. Zwar nicht die optimale Reisezeit für diese Region, aber Regen und Nebel...
Published by frmat 3 November 2013, 19h07 (Photos:40)
5:00   T2  
20 Oct 13
An unexpected sunny spell on Lord's Seat
(Continued from the previous day.)   A spell of sunshine is nicest when you least expect it. Look at us, smiling at the camera with squinted eyes because nobody though that sunglasses would be remotely useful on our hike. Heavy showers, with possible thunderstorms, and an almost nil change of cloud-free summits was the...
Published by Stijn 22 October 2013, 20h34 (Photos:21)
7:00↑800 m↓900 m   T3  
19 Oct 13
Skiddaw north to south
I was back in my beloved Lake District this weekend with the Leeds University Union Hiking Club. The Lake District is such an unwritten page on Hikr, what a shame. I'll definitely try to add some of my past hikes in the Lakeland on Hikr as well.   I've often been lucky with the weather in the Lake District. Not this...
Published by Stijn 21 October 2013, 22h08 (Photos:21)