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5:00↑500 m↓500 m   T2  
23 Sep 15
The dry lake (Suhoto Ezero)
As we could not pass the dry lake the day before, we decided to do a small hike to this place. But before climbing up there we visited the museum of the Rila Monastery. Then we took the bus to reach the starting point of our hike. The starting point is nearly at the end of the Rila valley and is called Kirilova Polyana (Kiril's...
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5:00↑150 m↓300 m   T2  
22 Sep 15
Some easy walks in the Rila
The weather forecast for that day was not really good. We were intending to cross from Malyovitsa and passing by Popovokapski and reaching the mountain pass at Kobilino Branitse and to go down to Kirilova Polyana. From there we would have had a transfer to the Rila monastery. Although the forecast did not clearly specify that it...
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21 Sep 15
To the Lake Elenski (Еленски Езеро)
The day before, as well as part of the night, we experienced heavy rainfall and storms. The weather forecast for the second day was not quite clear, but it mentioned that other thunderstorms should be expected. My plan was to climb Mount Malyovitsa. But because of the uncertainty, I decided to climb as far high as possible and go...
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20 Sep 15
The seven lakes of Rila
It was actually the third time that I was in Bulgaria for hiking. Although the first two times, I did not really had time to do extensive hikes, I could get an idea about the possibilities. This third time, I took the opportunity to discover regions that I knew very little of. The first tour I made was to the 7 lakes of Rila, a...
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