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4:00↑900 m↓900 m   T2  
14 Mai 12
To the Boiana waterfall
After our UIMLA General Assembly, I thought it was time to get some fresh air. Since the assembly took place in the hotel where we were staying and that is located right on the foot of Mount Vitosha, it was logical to go into the nature park. Starting from Dragalevtsi, I took the path that leads to the Nature Park House and to...
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4:00↑1400 m↓1400 m   T2  
11 Mai 12
A hike on the Vitosha
As I am attending the General Assembly of UIMLA (see http://www.uimla.org/cms/), I decided to extend my stay in order to be able to perform a couple of tours. The first tour was about climbing the Vitosha, the local mountain of near Sofia. As advised, I did not climb directly starting from Dragalevtsi, but passing by the spires...
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