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Masivul Capatani

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9 Mai 09
Route Baile Olanesti resort - Suta village - Frasinei Monastery
The route begins with a fairly hard climb next President Hotel from Baile Olanesti resort and ends on the summit hill after about 45min-1hr, where there is a trinity and a small stoppage. From here you can admire the panorama on the Suta village and to the Fagaras mountains. The following is a descend by small village and...
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22 Mär 09
Route Pension Hunters House - Olanesti Relay
The route begins with a climb very hard on the hill behind the Pension Hunters House. The path is unmarked, it reaches the crest of the hill in 30min and 10min before you go into a clearing with a beautiful panorama to the Mountains Capatani & Baile Olanesti resort. Further still get 5min to relay. From here the road starts...
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21 Mär 09
Valley Cheia and Hermitage Iezerul
It goes by car from the Pension "Hunters House" to Popesti village. Forest road is accessible to the hermitage, but the route on foot from village Cheia to hermitage is only 2km with a very beautiful landscape.From Hermitage Iezerul, follows a climbing approximately 20 minutes in Paraclis Sf.Antonie found in a Cave. From...
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21 Mär 09
Hunters House Pension - Baile Olanesti resort
Departure is from the courtyard Hostel walking around the hill. After 300m reach the bridge over the river Olanesti, can pass the bridge and then continue to go right, or you can go ahead without the bridge.Distance move to City is 1km. Circuit city can be done in 1-2 hours on foot or slightly less cycling . Plecarea se face de...
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