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3:45↑326 m↓326 m   T2  
28 Okt 18
Big Bang at the Meerfeld Maar
The Vulkaneifel (Eifel of the Volcanoes) has more to offer than just the trilogy of Maares near Daun. The Meerfelder Maar is said to be the largest of the Maares. A hike to the Meerfeld Maar can be suitably combined with hiking the Wolfsschlucht, the Mosenberg, the Windsborn crater and untold other scenic spots. In fall, you...
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4:00↑414 m↓414 m   T2  
27 Okt 18
Volcano Hike in Fall
The Vulkaneifel is one of the most visited areas of the Eifel. Not that you would find fire-and-lava-spitting volcanoes here, but this part of the Eifel has a volcanic origin. It is best seen by the 'Maare', which are lakes in the old craters of volcanoes. Their story is in fact a little more complicated, and we suggest you visit...
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4:00↑500 m↓500 m   T1  
15 Sep 18
Burg Reifferscheid und Wildenburg
The trail visits two nearby castles: Wildenburg and Reifferscheid - both of them are absolutely worth visiting. Don't be fooled by the images. This is a 15 kilometer hike through a very rural part of the rural Eifel. Records of Castle Reifferscheid are dating back to 1106. Apparently, it was a real stronghold of their owners....
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3:00↑425 m↓425 m   T2 L  
6 Sep 18
Calmont Steig - zum Sonnenaufgang über der Moselschleife
Keine Zeit in die richtigen Berge zu gehen, also muss was hier irgendwo her halten. Hmm aber so ganz normal wärs ja langweilig, also zum Sonnenaufgang an die Moselschleife und im dunkeln über den Calmont Steig rauf. Das klingt doch ganz spannend. Nebel solls auch noch geben, könnte also zum Fotografieren nicht schlecht werden....
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4:00↑227 m↓227 m   T1  
5 Sep 18
The House of the Dutchman and the Long Glade
The hikes starting at the Höfener Mühle are rightly known for the access to the Daffodil fields - when in season. But the area is beautiful during all times of the year. In this case, we even found Apple and Plum trees along the trails. This trail explores some of lesser known paths in the area. Particularly noteworthy is the...
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2:30↑224 m↓224 m   T1  
31 Aug 18
Feld, Wald und Wiesen und das Perpetuum Mobile
'Feld, Wald and Wiesen' in German is synonymous to being rather average or common. This hike is indeed missing something grandios or spectacular, but it is a solid, rather short and pleasant hike through a very rural part of the Eifel. And it has a good combination of fields, forests and meadows. As a bonus, the hike starts and...
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5:30↑700 m↓700 m   T2  
22 Jun 18
Eugenienstein and other cliffs
The Rur valley near Nideggen offers a spectacular array of sandstone cliffs that make for interesting hikes, a lot of up and down, and fantastic views. The sandstone formations have been the training ground of rockclimbers for more than 100 years. More recently, however, climbing activity is regulated to 4 areas, still offering...
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19 Jun 18
At Buhlert Forest
The Buhlert is part of the larger Hürtgenwald Forest, between the villages of Vossenack and Schmidt, or the Kall stream and the Rur dam. It is just outside the Eifel National Park, which also means that it is less frequently visited. Different starting points are possible, for example in Kommerscheidt or Simonskall. We chose...
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4:00↑520 m↓520 m   T1  
21 Mai 18
Erkensruhr und Dreiborner Hochfläche
Einruhr is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Eifel Nature Park. It is in a great location, at one of the salients of the Rur dam, connected to the village of Rurberg and Urft dam via a cruise on the regular steamer (in fact, a battery-powered ship). It is also in hiking distance to Vogelsang, the center of the...
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5:45↑680 m↓680 m   T1  
19 Mai 18
3 times Kermeter
The Kermeter range is home to one of the largest deciduous forest areas west of the Rhine. It is also one of the key areas of the Eifel nature park. On three sides, it is encircled by the reservoirs of the Rur and Urft. We selected this hike as a training hike, with the aim of more than 700 meters elevation gain. For this, we...
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