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Masivul Ceahlau

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1 Tage 2:30   T2  
26 Jun 08
Route Durau resort_Duruitoarea Cascade
I left the hotel Brandusa on the asphalt road between Durau-Izvoru Muntelui.Se go on the road to the intersection with a red cross marking the coming of all Durau Salvamont. It goes through the forest, it emphasizes panta easy reach and in Glade Viezuri(1195 m) where the intersection with the path marked with yellow triangle comes...
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2 Tage ↑1904 m↓900 m   T2 WT3  
24 Jun 08
Route Durau resort-Fantanele chalet-Dochia chalet
At first, easy climbs on foot among of brook Fantanii and brook Nican ,through a forest of spruce and beech, and some small glades. After several minutes, to cross road that connects between Durau and Izvoru Mountain (closed road cars) and you ascent through the woods, more slowly at first and increasingly more difficult at...
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