Determine your flowers

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[NEW The gallery page was rewritten in php, so you need to update your links.]

Hi all,

Some months ago, I created a flower gallery to learn some new tricks using jquery and CSS.
One day a friend said that this gallery might be useful to determine the flowers he shot. All he asked was to be able to sort these flowers by color.
NEW Look here for the Alps' flowers gallery.
NEW And here for the plants found on Formentera, Spain.
Both web pages are also available as mobile apps for Android for free. These can be found here in debug mode. However these are already quite stable.

What's possible:
- Sort by Latin names
- Sort by color
- NEW Sort by Families
- NEW Sort by French, German, Italian names
- Display Latin, French, German, Italian names, when you hover the pointer over the picture
- NEW Open DuckDuckGo search, when you click on the text
- NEW Same page for all devices (computer, mobile, tablet) - rewritten in responsive html


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carpintero Pro hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 5. August 2013 um 08:46
Hi Dani

Very nice work! Thanks a lot!

Cheers, Simon

Barbacan hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 5. August 2013 um 10:07
This is veru useful, thanks a lot! Just a comment: I would change the font of the overlay layer which contains the flowers' name, it looks too shrinked to me.

bergpfad73 hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 5. August 2013 um 11:54
Hi Barbacan,
Yes, I know. The problem is that often the names are quite long and these would take more than one line. I could also take a smaller font, but then it might be too small for tablets and no more readable.
Would you know a free or open source font that may fit?

Mel hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 5. August 2013 um 21:15
hey dani, super sache, danke!

rkroebl Pro hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 6. August 2013 um 08:21
Great stuff, this is very useful as I love the flowers and plants I take pictures of, but rarely know their names.

Thanks a lot!


Jules hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 24. August 2013 um 14:57
Splendida raccolta! Complimenti!

Saxifraga hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 24. August 2013 um 21:53
Very nice!

Felix Pro hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 16. Oktober 2013 um 17:40

lg Felix

bergpfad73 hat gesagt: Sort by order/families added
Gesendet am 5. Juni 2015 um 00:00
Hi all,
some time ago I've added the sort by order/families. Like this, similar species are together ;-)

Philippe Noth Pro hat gesagt: Super!
Gesendet am 10. Juni 2015 um 20:15
Ta page bien rendu service pour identifier les dernières observations. Plus facile à utiliser pour un novice que de chercher dans les 1600 pages de :)

bergpfad73 hat gesagt: RE:Super!
Gesendet am 12. Juni 2015 um 22:54
J'espère donc juste que je n'ai pas trop de fautes dans mes identifications, parce que sinon les tiennes seront entachées d'erreurs ;-)

bergpfad73 hat gesagt: New version - update your links
Gesendet am 10. Juli 2016 um 18:33
I've completely rewritten the page (now I use PHP to generate the gallery on the fly). So you may need to update your links.
You can also sort by any language (not very well solved so far) and the gallery contains more than 270 pictures.

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