New HTML editor (also for Opera and Safari)

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Dear Opera, Firefox and Safari Users,

Finally our HTML-Editor works  with Safari and Opera!

I’m very happy, because Safari and Opera are two very good and fast browsers, we love them! In order to use the new editor, the Opera’s users should download the new Opera beta version 9.50 here; with the old versions of Opera it doesn’t work.

With all browsers (Opera, Safari, Firefox, IE, etc): if the new editor doesn't work, you should clear the cache and restart the browser.

What's new?
There are also some new features in the new editor: "search and replace", "paste from word", "strike". One very important new feature is for Firefox and Safari users: the built-in spell checker works in the new editor. You have to hold the Control key when right clicking to see the native browser menu with spelling corrections. Mac users with one button mouse should use Apple-Ctrl-Click, and those with two buttons should use Apple-Right click to see the original browser menu.

NB: Not tested on IE7 and on Windows, please test.

Liebe Opera und Safari Users,

Endlich unser HTML-Editor funktioniert auch mit Safari und Opera!
Ich bin sehr froh, weil Safari und Opera zwei sehr gute Browsers sind.
Um den neuen Editor zu benutzen, die Opera-Users sollen die neue Beta Version 9.50 von Opera  hier downloaden; mit den alten Versionen geht es nicht.

Mit allen Browsers (Opera, Safari, Firefox, IE, usw), wenn der neue Editor noch nicht funktioniert, sollt ihr den Cachespeicher frei machen (clear cache) und den Browser neue starten.


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