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Hi to all!

I want talking about a report when the reporters are more than one person.

In that case my personal opinion is that every listed participant should be considered “owner” of the report. Actually this is not true; now the partners have to reach an agrement and decide which is the owner and which will be listed as simple participant. The administrator have thought a trick by which an user can see on his personal page both the reports where he was owner and where he was participating. This is useful but is not the same thing. Now there is a great difference: the owner receives an e-mail for each main comment is written to the report while the other person doesn’t. The simple participants have to read frequently the report to see if there is some comment directed to them; the main comment have to be intended always directed to the owner. Then if a participant answers to a comment a thread will be open and he will receive an e-mail for each comment of level 2, 3 and so on.

What do you (and admins) think about this?

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GeorgD hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 20. April 2013 um 22:16
Hi gbal, usually I go on tour with friends, but so far, none of them registered at for various reasons (usually: You already write a report, so it's online for all, why shall I register?). Hence, I was never in the situation you describe, so my post is purely based on theory :-/

As far as I understood, currently each participant is invited to write an individual report, so there might/shall exist multiple reports of one tour - reflecting the different points of view, styles etc. The current implementation fits this approach, which creates redundant information (all basic information is identical in all reports of the tour) making it harder for readers to collect all aspects.

Your proposition directs into a wiki style report - all participants collaboratively write one single report. This makes sense, as it lowers the required input by each (shared work) and condenses all information in one place (good for readers). Anyhow, my need is low (see "intro") except in the role of a reader.

About the notifications: I think it's very easy for the admins to add "send comments via email" for reports, as the functionality already exists for forum posts like this one. This would also benefit any other user that's interested in updates to a tour/report, so I would like to see that :-)

Cheers, Georg

gbal hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 21. April 2013 um 10:15
Hi GeorgD! Thank you for your intervention (my post was almost ignored by both the English and Italian Community). When two or more person participate to the same tour is not frequent to read several reports, one for each person and this is good, I think, to avoid redundancy and the information entropy. The situation today is to have an owner (on the higher step) and the others (on a lower step).
I agree with you that for a programmer should be easy equalize the participants privileges but, you know, the software writers (I first) commonly think that if you don't make changes to a program you don't go in troubles.

Schneemann hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 21. April 2013 um 12:00
In my opinion your suggestion would improve this website. However, I suppose it is quite complicated to implement. This would require to introduce some kind of user rights and user groups. For example, fotos are owned by the creator of the report. In your case, fotos may be owned by different persons within a single report. There are probably many more difficulties which arise...

gbal hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 21. April 2013 um 14:48
Thank you Schneemann. Actually I don't see any problem connected to the pictures property because the name of the author of a picture is always in evidence on the right side when you are watching the picture. This fact occurs today for each photo contributor no matter if he is report owner or partner only; in any case he is the legal owner of his picture. There is no need to change something about the pictures when all the partners are promoted "owner".

Schneemann hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 21. April 2013 um 15:33
Well, yes, but then the photos would also need to have multiple "owners". Thats probably no trivial modification to the actual state. And I suppose there are many other aspects in the data-model of the website which need a complete re-design...but I am just guessing ;)

gbal hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 21. April 2013 um 15:46
Ok, I think that each person has to do his proper work. We suggest, we advise, we propose.....the Admins should do the rest. Isn't it?

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