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Hi to all.
As everybody noted, at the end of our report we can read a list of related reports that have some waypoint in common with the waypoints of our one.
I have some question now:
1) What criterion is used to list that links? Is it chronological (it doesn't seem to me)? What other?
2) I see different colours for the links list. What does the colours mean?
3) Is the colour related to the colour that I can see on the "Calendar" of the user reports?
4) Are these colours connected and/or have they some relation?
Thank in advance

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Stani™ Pro hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 8. Januar 2013 um 16:35
1) Number of waypoints common to both reports
2) 3) 4) Links are blue, recent dates are orange, difficulties are colored as usual

gbal hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 8. Januar 2013 um 22:17
Thank you Stani. Now it's clear

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