FWM IX: Personnal map

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Hi hikrleute!

Yet another step in the development of the new map. We finally updated the user' personnal map. You can find it at http://www.hikr.org/user/your_login/map/ or by clicking on the "Map" link in your menu. For example: my personnal map is here  http://www.hikr.org/user/stan/map/

New feature: you can now show your photos on your personnal map. This way you have yet another way to navigate your photos (to use it you should first put your photos on the map using "Photo Editor" tool on the "hikr.org big map")

There is no much options for the personnal map, you can restrict waypoints by  activity and type. No options for photos. Our idea is that people that need more options can always use the "big map". But if you think you need some more options on your personnal map just say us.

Another related development is the modification of user summit list (this one for example). As you can see we updated icons (made with love™). We also split this list to several pages, 50 lines by page, so huge lists of some "huge" hikrs are more usable now :)

We also started working on a kml (Google Earth) file with photos. This is work in progress, but you already can take a look here (updated sometimes).

In absolutly unrelated news, we started to modify our "books" section. We removed links to shops (because anyway nobody uses that, and we don't feel right to give amazon free links) and we will remove links to books from many pages (example: report page), so there is more space for informative stuff. Should we do something more with "books" section? "My books"?  Add book to a report? Completly remove it? We don't know yet.

See you
Have a nice weekend

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