FWM VIII: see all photos!

Publiziert von Anna, 18. Februar 2008 um 21:08. Diese Seite wurde 75 mal angezeigt.

Hoi zäme. Voilà! The new version of the map progresses slowly but inexorably. One day the new map will replace the old one, this is inevitable.

Well, after a little fight against the machine we finally succeeded to put photos on the map, all of them are visible to you now. Moreover, you can somehow restrict your freedom of vision and show only your photos, or those of a community (it would be nice to have all flowers from "botanik" on the map, isn't it?).

We also tried, hopefully with some success, to improve the look and feel of the new map interface.

As usual, translation is missing and no test was done on IE7. Well, please test.

Well, which others things would you like to see on the map?

Well, that's all.
See you later, hopefully not much later.

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