Fun with map IV

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Hoi zäme,

The work on the new map progresses : look here

  • the selector is ready
  • the search function is ready : now you can not only search in our database, but also with Google
  • there is a new typ of map : « Terrain »

We have tested with Firefox and Opera on MacOs X and IE6 on Windows. As usual, if someone can test the map with IE7 and other browsers, we will be grateful to them.

Die Arbeit für die neue Landkarte macht Fortschritte : schau mal hier

Neigkeiten :
  • der Selector ist fertig
  • die Suchefunktion ist fertig : man kann jetzt nicht nur in unsere Datenbank suchen, aber auch auf Google.
  • es gibt ein neues Typ der Karte : « Terrain »

Wir haben getestet mit Firefox und Opera auf MacOs X und IE6 auf Windows. Wie gewöhnlich, wenn jemand auf IE7 und andere Browser die Landkarte testen könnte, wären wir ihn/ihm dankbar.


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dabuesse hat gesagt: looks good
Gesendet am 14. Januar 2008 um 20:32
The new type of map "Terrain" looks good. Now is only a swisstopo map missing:)

Anna hat gesagt: RE:looks good
Gesendet am 15. Januar 2008 um 19:27
superb idea, but it's too expensive...

dabuesse hat gesagt: RE:looks good
Gesendet am 15. Januar 2008 um 20:30
Yes, i can believe it that it's very expensive:) I think they don't give their map cost-free. I mean the digital products from Swisstopo for private using are all very expensive.
But you should have some dreams

Anna hat gesagt: RE:looks good
Gesendet am 15. Januar 2008 um 20:33
>But you should have some dreams

Yeah, dream on: maybe Google will buy their map one day, as they bought the Swiss satellite map from Endoxon.

360 Pro hat gesagt: IE7 / scale, measure distances
Gesendet am 16. Januar 2008 um 09:41
Thanks looks great and IE7 works fine.

I often find myself wondering how far is it from point A to B, therefore it would be nice to either
- Have some sort of an gauge at the bottom, which indicates the distance at a certain scale.
- Have a tool which calculates the distance between two or more points clicked on the map? -> kind of like the 4th tool at the top of the map "Distanz messen" at
(I know the second option would be a lot of work, so just dreaming like groeberman :-)

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