Fun with maps III, more personal fun

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Hi hikrfreunde,

After a week of hard working, look what we have now: a highly customizable map!!!

Do you want a map of 3000m peaks? map of huts? map of skitours from WS to ZS from 3000m to 4000m made by some user? map of points from you community?

All this is possible now, with the help of our new "Selector" form, that you find at the right side of the map. Combine conditions and get yout map!

And a bonus: new improved stylish icons with semi-transparent shadows!!! (I did them myself,  each pixel is hand-made in photoshop with LOVE)

*** <<NEED HELP>> ***

As usual we didnt test on Windows and/or IE. Probably won't work. Please test.

Another question is: how long it takes to load a map? Try a full map, without restrictions, and report how second did you wait. Please report time.

Another question is: what else do you see as possible conditions? Hike date for example, what else?

Another question is: except this customization thing, what else do you want as feature of the map?

We are waiting for your comments,


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360 Pro hat gesagt: my 5 cents
Gesendet am 8. Dezember 2007 um 13:50
Anna & Stani,

First of all thanks, the new and improved map looks good and has lots of exciting new features.

I did most of the testing with Firefox and Safari, but as far as I can tell IE7 works as well.

The time it takes to load is fine, way less than a second, at least for me. Sometimes a few "tiles" take a little longer to load, but all together it is fast enough.

Yes, a selector "by hike date" would be nice, other than that I can't really think of anything else one would need.

If I click on an icon (made with love :-) on the map, a mountain for example, and then go to a page of a corresponding hike report and then use the "back" of the browser to get back to the map again, it displays the default map again and not the way I left the page. Is it possible to "cache" this state somehow, so if I get back to the page it is the way I left it?

Clicking on “search” does not work only hitting “enter” from the search field actually performs a search.

A "reset button" which sets the selectors to it's default values would be nice too.

Group? From the 3 values one can select, there is only "user" visible, did you want to give other choices too?

If you choose to display for example only 360's hikes and then click on the icon (made with love :-) you not only get the hikes of 360 but all for that mountain. Is that the way you intended it to work or should it only give the list according to what you entered as the criteria?

Hope this helps to improve the map even more.

Anna hat gesagt: RE:my 5 cents
Gesendet am 8. Dezember 2007 um 21:02

Thank you!

We did a part of the corrections today:
- Photos and reports open in a new window
- Added a button for the search
- Added a special marker for selected search result
- Group translated in English

The other suggestions will be added too later.


360 Pro hat gesagt: RE:my 5 cents
Gesendet am 10. Dezember 2007 um 10:33
...that was quick, thanks.

> added a special marker for selected search result
I'm not sure I understand what this is, can you explain?


Anna hat gesagt: RE:my 5 cents
Gesendet am 10. Dezember 2007 um 10:44
Search Ramosch on the map and then it should be clear :-)

360 Pro hat gesagt: RE:my 5 cents
Gesendet am 10. Dezember 2007 um 11:00
OK I see now what you mean, that's actually very helpful! (... and I didn't even ask for it :-)

Stani™ Pro hat gesagt: RE:my 5 cents
Gesendet am 10. Dezember 2007 um 18:36

- reset button, except the translation: how to say "reset" in german?
- only "your" hikes and photos in infowindow
- new "order by" field, already works by not very precise yet (if you choose only your points and order by hike count, it will order by global hike count for the point. to fix)
- added french difficulties for climbing too

360 Pro hat gesagt: RE:my 5 cents
Gesendet am 11. Dezember 2007 um 14:43
Cool, you implement faster than I can test... :-)
Reset = "Zurücksetzen" in German

Now that I'm not only playing but actually using the new map for some planning too, I noticed another thing which might be of interest - hopefully not just for me: It would be nice if one could select multiple activities or types as the selector, for example: give me all peaks and passes, or, show me all snowshoe and ski activities.

Just another thought of a humble user... 360

Anna hat gesagt: RE:my 5 cents
Gesendet am 11. Dezember 2007 um 20:42
Today development:

- select by hike date range
- corrected problem with "order by"

I would like to add a select by region.

Your propositions are interesting. Actually, how do you use the map for planning?


360 Pro hat gesagt: RE:my 5 cents
Gesendet am 13. Dezember 2007 um 19:43
I'm not sure "select by region" is actually necessary, because one works with the map here. So if you want a specific region you just zoom into that region.

How I used it for planning: A friend asked me to do a snowshoe tour with him. Because the risk for avalanches was rather high I wanted to find reports of other hikrs about snowshoe hikes WT1/2 and easy ski tours for example.

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