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Hi Anna

Ich glaube, irgendwo fehlt noch etwas (oder ich habe es nicht gesehen?). Wo kann man den Fund eines Schatzes melden?

Schöne Grüsse



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Anna hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 7. Juni 2007 um 12:07

what do you did with the treasure? Did you replace it with another one or did you just bring it at home?

Thank you

Omega3 hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 7. Juni 2007 um 12:26
Until now, I haven't found one (I will try tomorrow). I just thougt, what I have to do, if. (Mind game ;-)).
So I checked the page and couldn't find, where I can tell that I found a treasure.


Anna hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 7. Juni 2007 um 12:37
Now, it works like this:

You should create a new treasure before to leave and bring it with you. Then you substitute the found treasure with your one. Once you are back home, you go on your page 'Meine Schätze' and click on 'Melden' of the treasure you use to replace the old one. There you choose the option 'Ich habe einen bestehenden Schatz gefunden und ersetzt'. The system will ask you code and id of the treasure you found.

The case that the treasure wasn't replaced is still not allowed by our system, but we think to do it too.

In general, the game is still not fully developed, because I was waiting for the tests, but nobody did them. So, we decide to put anyway the game online and do the tests in this way.

We would like to know your impressions and how do you think it will be nice that it works.

Thank you for the feedback.


Omega3 hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 7. Juni 2007 um 13:56
Thanks, now I understood.
As long we are in the test stage, I wouldn't change anything. I think, it should work like you wanted.
Maybe the description on the "game" page is not clear enougth for everybody (like me :]), but with your instructions (see above), everything is clear now.

Thank you

Anna hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 7. Juni 2007 um 17:45

Zaza hat gesagt: Geocaching
Gesendet am 7. Juni 2007 um 13:08
Hi there,

sounds a lot like geocaching:

Regards, zaza

Anna hat gesagt: RE:Geocaching
Gesendet am 7. Juni 2007 um 17:47

there are so many geocaching websites out there, but we try to be unique!

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