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Buna saira hikrs!

The community becomes bigger and bigger and not everybody still know all the features of this website. Someone maybe because is just arrived and someone because has already forgot. Some feature are misunderstood.
So, we've though that it would be cool to add some tips at the top of our pages to allow everybody to discover the website.
We've though the best way to organize this is through the eyes of users.
So, please, write here your tip advertising in your mother tongue the feature you like more, or one feature you use often, but you think other people don't know.

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Willem hat gesagt: Regio's
Gesendet am 22. Oktober 2010 um 16:08
Na het toevoegen van 'Wegpunten' aan een tourenbericht krijg je als gebruiker normaal gesproken een aantal suggesties van gebieden. Bijvoorbeeld voor het gebied Wallis kan het wel eens voorkomen dat zowel de optie 'Mittelwallis' als de optie 'Oberwallis' gegeven wordt. Je kunt hier vinden om welk gebied het werkelijk gaat.

Voor andere gebieden: klik bovenaan de homepage van Hikr op 'REGIONEN' en kies het land enz.

Willem hat gesagt: Regionen
Gesendet am 22. Oktober 2010 um 16:12
Wenn man 'Wegpunkte' zu einem Tourenbericht hinzugefügt hat, bekommt man normalerweise einige Vorschläge für Gebiete. Zum Beispiel, für das Gebiet Wallis bekommt man manchmal zwei Optionen: 'Mittelwallis' und 'Oberwallis'. Man kann hier sehen um welches Gebiet es wirklich handelt.

Für andere Gebiete: klick oben auf der Hikr-Homepage auf 'REGIONEN' und wähle das Land usw.

Willem hat gesagt: Regions
Gesendet am 22. Oktober 2010 um 16:17
After having added 'Waypoints' to a report, you usually get several suggestions for regions. For example, for the region Wallis you can sometimes become two options, both 'Mittelwallis' and 'Oberwallis'. Here you can find the region where your hike has actually taken place.

For other regions: click on 'REGIONEN' on top of the Hikr-Homepage and choose the country etc.

Willem hat gesagt: Régions
Gesendet am 22. Oktober 2010 um 16:26
Après avoir ajouté des 'Waypoints' à un rapport, on reçoit normalement plusieurs suggestions de régions. Par exemple, pour la région Valais, deux suggestions sont possibles de temps en temps: 'Valais Central' et 'Haut-Valais'. Ici on peut trouver la région ou votre randonnée a effectivement eu lieu.

Pour les autres régions: cliquez sur 'RÉGIONS' en haut de la Hikr-Homepage et choisissez le pays etc.

Anna hat gesagt: RE:Régions
Gesendet am 27. Oktober 2010 um 00:17
Thank you very very much for suggesting a tip! Danke well!

As developer, I would never think to give this as a tip, but it's a very good one.

That's why I hope more users express themselves and add here some more tips... Go he-head, don't be shy!

Willem hat gesagt: RE:Régions
Gesendet am 27. Oktober 2010 um 00:48
Well, GRAZIE Anna and MERCI Stani for giving us the possibility to use all these great features! And thank you for replying, now my message is visible again on the homepage. It had already disappeared, because other users (which are mainly dutch, sorry for the sudden orange invasion!:P) have written so many messages in other communities during the last few days!

I hope the translations I've written are sound. If not, please feel free to correct me.

I was sometimes struggling to find out if my hike had actually taken place in Mittel-, Unter- or Oberwallis, and a few days ago I finally found out how I can check it. I have changed the regions of almost half of my reports, which was another small improvement for my journal:). I hope other users will use this tool as well. It would make searching of hikes a little bit easier if every user stuck to the regions as displayed on the link I posted above.

I hope other users will be able to give useful tips. If not, consider it as a compliment: apparently you've made a very clear FAQ this time:).

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