High altitude huts near Zurich

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Dear all,

I live in Zurich, and I am looking for pointers on some easily accessible high altitude huts for the purpose of acclimatization. Since I will mostly be going alone, it needs to be T4 or below, and preferably with good connections and easy navigation.

The Klein Matterhon dormitory meets my requirements nicely: I can hike up to Trockenersteig and ride the cable car to the top. The only issue is Zermatt is too far from Zurich. The Monch hut is OK, but too expensive to go regularly due to the Jungfrau train.

Can you suggest something similar, higher than 3000m, that is within 2-3 hours from Zurich? I have seen the SAC site, however any personal recommendations would be gratefully received.

Many thanks,

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Delta Pro hat gesagt: Complex optimization problem ;-)
Gesendet am 30. August 2010 um 10:02
By train you reach Zermatt in three (!) hours. Climbing the Klein Matterhorn is T1-, no walking required.
I guess, you will not find anything more suitable in Switzerland (except for a pressure tent you can put beside your bed at home).

Lone Ranger hat gesagt: RE:Complex optimization problem ;-)
Gesendet am 30. August 2010 um 10:14
Ha ha, multi-criteria decision making problem it was indeed :-)

I mean, I live in Ruti ZH, and it takes nearly 4 hours to get to Zermatt, hence my query. Isn't there something near Uri or this side of CH?
By walking, I mean, I would like to walk up about 1.5-2 km vertical, that will be part of the acclimatization and fun, but that is not a hard constraint.

BTW my friend is indeed considering a pressure tent, I am looking for something less extreme :-)

chaeppi Pro hat gesagt: RE:Complex optimization problem ;-)
Gesendet am 30. August 2010 um 11:58
Planurahütte 2947m

Lone Ranger hat gesagt: Thanks!
Gesendet am 30. August 2010 um 12:13
It looks great, thanks so much!!

Now a question: the website says:
Klausenpass - Chammlijoch, 4 - 5 h *
Claridenhütte - Obersand (markiert), 4 - 5 h
Claridenhütte - Claridenfirn, 3 h *
Linthal / Tierfehd - Obersand (markiert), 6 - 7 h
Fridolinshütte-Ochsenstock Obersand (markiert), 4 h
Disentis - Val Russein - Sandpass 6 - 7 h *
Hüfihütte - Hüfifirn 3 - 4 h *

* Zugang über Gletscher (anseilen!)
markiert: Zugang ohne Seil möglich

As I understand, the route from Linthal is safe without rope, right? Linthal is just 1h 23 mins from Ruti ZH :-)

chaeppi Pro hat gesagt: RE:Thanks!
Gesendet am 30. August 2010 um 12:23
The route from Linthal is T3. No rope requiered at all. I made it a few years ago. It's quite a long trip but absolutely no problem.

Lone Ranger hat gesagt: RE:Thanks!
Gesendet am 30. August 2010 um 12:26
Ah, perfect, just what I was looking for. Thanks a ton.

Others, if you have more ideas feel free to post, for future reference. For now, Planurahutte it will be, for me, Yippeee!!

marvel hat gesagt: RE:Thanks!
Gesendet am 30. August 2010 um 22:09
You did realise though that it will take you 6-7 hours to reach the hut that way? I wasn't sure what you meant by 2-3 hours from Zurich, the hut or the trail head.

If you want to reach the hut in 3h, then that sounds pretty impossible (except if you manage to get some emergency shelter in the Titlis cable car station maybe). The only place I can think of that you might be able to reach marginally quicker than Klein Matterhorn is Britanniahütte from Felskinn cable car station above Saas Fee.

Lone Ranger hat gesagt: RE:Thanks!
Gesendet am 30. August 2010 um 22:36
Sorry, I should have been clearer. I meant 2-3 hours of train commute time only. Excludes hiking time, the hike is actually a major part of the fun.

I would love to hike up about 1500-2500m vertical, and I hike about 30% faster than marked times. Then next day i can hike down leisurely

marvel hat gesagt: RE:Thanks!
Gesendet am 31. August 2010 um 00:33
If you really want something above 3000m, then you will probably have to travel to the Saas valley - Britannia, Hohsaas and Mischabel are all easily reachable from the valley.

If you're willing to compromise a little on the altitude criterion, then, as chaeppi alread suggested, the huts reachable from Linthal (Planura and Kistenpass) are probably your best bet. Another option you might like to consider if you want some variety is Blüemlisalphütte (2834m) in the Bernese Oberland, reachable from Kandersteg (which you can reach from Zurich in about 2h by train).

Berglurch hat gesagt: [u Otti]
Gesendet am 31. August 2010 um 16:26
And: Watch out for the "maitre d`" at Planurahütte...
Heaps of fun this guy....

drixdrey hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 31. August 2010 um 11:36
Maienfeld (1 hour from Zürich) - Falknis T4, 2000m vertical

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