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There is now more than 2500 photos of flowers and plants in this community! That's great, but also not easy to use.

I propose to start to make some order. My proposition is that: let's use tags to group flowers by type. Let's use the latin name of the flower as tag. There are some people who do this already, examples:

Sempervivum montanum or Primula hirsuta.

You can add those tags yourself and/or you can allow other people to tag your photos. You can do this here. I know that we have people who know flowers very well, even some professional botanists (for example pizflora who wrote me and maybe others).

What do you think about?


PS: Translations are welcome...

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lukas hat gesagt: to german
Gesendet am 7. Juli 2010 um 17:42

im Moment findet ihr mehr als 2500 Blumen und Pflanzenfotos bei Hikr.org.
Das ist zwar super, aber nicht immer so einfach zu nutzen.

Mein Vorschlag um etwas mehr Ordnung zu bekommen, waere die Blumen und Pflanzen in Gruppen zu taggen. Lasst uns die Lateinischen Namen nehmen wie es schon beispielsweise von anderen gemacht wird.

http://www.hikr.org/comm/botanik/gallery/tags/sempervivum_montanum/ oder http://www.hikr.org/comm/botanik/gallery/tags/primula_hirsuta/

Jeder kann selbst seine Bilder taggen und / oder anderen Nutzern erlauben seine Bilder zu taggen.
Mehr Info dazu unter http://www.hikr.org/edit_usercoll.php
Ich weiss das wir einige Nutzer haben die sehr gut ueber Pflanzen bescheid wissen und
wir sogar Botaniker wie "pizflora" unter uns haben.

Was denkt ihr?


PS. Uebersetzungen sind willkommen

tag / taggen bedeutet Etiket / etiketterien
sorry fuer die langen links...

Stani™ Pro hat gesagt: RE:to german
Gesendet am 7. Juli 2010 um 18:07

Tag = Schlagwort

ju_wi hat gesagt: Tag species, genus and family
Gesendet am 13. Juli 2010 um 21:05
Hi, together,
I Iike this idea a lot!! I often wanted to find pictures of a special flower, that I knew I saw before. With the tagging that works well!

One suggestion from me to even improve this: Do not only tag the species, as suggested above, but please tag in addition the genus (as Primula for pictures of Primula hirsuta) and family (Primulaceae in example).

Also you can use with scientific name names in your language. For an example see:

Best regards, Jurgen

Stani™ Pro hat gesagt: RE:Tag species, genus and family
Gesendet am 13. Juli 2010 um 21:30
Privet Jurgen,

I think it's a good idea !!! (As a matter of fact, even if I'm admin of this community, I don't know very much about plant classification :)))

I was thinking that once we have enough tagged pictures we then can create a page with an hierarchical list of all species, maybe with thumbnails, or even many pages (depends how much species we have :))

Thank you!

Hanc hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 15. Juli 2010 um 06:55
I like the idea - being no pro at all I invite everybody knowing better than me to tag my photos here!
Thanks a lot in advance!

paoloski Pro hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 31. August 2011 um 23:30
I too like the idea. I'm new in this community and I hope people more expert than me tag my photo.
Thanks, Paolo

Stani™ Pro hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 31. August 2011 um 23:42
It would be great!

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